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  • - My name is Jason Spyres, and at the age of 19,

  • I made a stupid decision to sell cannabis

  • and ended up in prison.

  • Fortunately, my mother sent me Khan Academy transcripts

  • to start improving my education.

  • And while I was doing that, other inmates noticed

  • and would come up to me and ask if I could help them.

  • When I'd ask them, "Why don't you try to get

  • "in the GED classes?"

  • Some of the waiting lists was too long.

  • Others, I realize, what it is is,

  • it's hard to admit you don't know something,

  • and it's embarrassing when you're a full-grown man

  • to say that you don't know

  • that there's three different ways to spell the word there.

  • So I'd help them.

  • And when I got out, I used Khan Academy's SAT program

  • to prepare myself,

  • and I ended up getting a 1440 on the SATs.

  • And after that, I applied and was accepted

  • into Stanford University.

  • I'm making this video today

  • 'cause I wanna tell you that when you support Khan Academy,

  • you're not only supporting people like me

  • and helping me get to places like Stanford.

  • You're supporting a mission that strips away

  • the embarrassment factor of having to admit

  • you don't know something

  • because you wanna learn something.

  • The best teacher can only help the student

  • if they'll walk into the classroom,

  • and what Khan Academy does

  • is they put a classroom in everybody's home

  • on their time, on their schedule

  • without any embarrassment.

  • So I hope you will continue to support

  • Khan Academy's mission,

  • and I hope to continue to support the mission

  • of increasing a world-class education

  • for everybody everywhere.

- My name is Jason Spyres, and at the age of 19,


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