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  • Hello, everyone.

  • Welcome to another video.

  • Now, today's video isn't going to be the most entertaining in the world, but I felt like I needed to bring this to you guys his attention, especially if you're a regular seller off items online.

  • Now I've bought you a few scan videos in the past whereby I buy things that are definitely too good to be true.

  • And then we unbox them to see what actually turns up.

  • Today.

  • I'm coming at you from a slightly different perspective, the perspective off the cellar themselves.

  • So a while ago I sold this online, this laptop, you may recognize it.

  • I've used it in a couple of videos before this Lenovo younger Still, retailers knew for about 6 £700 in the UK I sold it for a few £100 because that's what I paid for it on roughly a year ago.

  • Now, now, because I was away switching hard drives from my main PC to this laptop or specifically the SSD.

  • Whenever I wanted to test games on this thing, I left most of the screws missing at the backs that I could just simply pop the lid off, replace the hard drive and then, you know, run the games straight on this system.

  • If ever I wanted to test out which I've done so a couple of times.

  • However, before I sold this online, I gave it a nice bit of a upgrade.

  • I bought a Samsung SSD for a brand new one, and I also pull of the old screws back in their slots, so it was ready for the next user to enjoy.

  • I put Windows 10 on it on DDE.

  • The sale went through smoothly.

  • However, I did notice that the buyer was in a bit of a rush when it came to receiving this laptop as I received constant messages, even though the time in which it sold to the time in which you got delivered was only two or three days.

  • So when I sent myself, I was sure to take lots of pictures of it, as I do with every item I sell online.

  • I took pictures of the back pictures of the front pictures of the salads and told him about they're little cracks and blemishes that we're all around the casing of the laptop.

  • So about a day after I arrived, I received a message from the buyer telling me that it wasn't booting up and nothing they were trying was actually working.

  • So I just thought this point.

  • Perhaps they changed their minds on They wanted to send it back because they regretted spending as much money as they did on a laptop, or they wanted something a little better.

  • Spect Now, when it comes to a return, there's not much point in arguing.

  • So I just say, Okay, send it back and I will refund you the money as soon as it gets back to me and I've had a chance to test it, whether it's working or no.

  • Now this is where the sort of dumb so I adore Petty side of that person who bought this starts to show because as I turn the cell and I'll show you now, in fact, it was in this very condition when I sent it.

  • There were no issues when it came back.

  • It didn't look any scruffier than it did when I sent it.

  • But as I turned it on, I noticed that I was receiving this message on screen, which says, Checking media as you can see up that if it's gonna focus a lot after a while, it switched itself off for nothing really came of this laptop.

  • It didn't boot into the operating system at all.

  • On At that point, I was thinking, Well, okay, that's just a quick windows reinstallation.

  • But this is where things get silly.

  • As I looked at the back, I noticed that the screws I've replaced we're missing.

  • Once again, there's about six or eight screws around the bottom of the laptop here, and each one was gone.

  • So I opened it up as I'll show you now in a sort of reconstructive manner.

  • And it turns out that the SST the brand new Samsung SST that I put in this thing was missing, which is just ridiculous.

  • So I immediately message the buyer and said, The SS day is missing.

  • You've bought this and you've sent it back without the S s D day.

  • Pretty much harvested the SST out off the laptop to keep in hopes have been sending this laptop back to me and getting a full refund.

  • Therefore, getting a free SSD out of this whole situation.

  • Now, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna notice something like that pretty quickly, especially if I've got to re install an operating system on it.

  • So the audacity of this buyer is just astounding, to be honest, and it's quite a stupid thing to try and get away with now.

  • As I mentioned before, this isn't the most entertaining video in the world.

  • But I wanted to make it to sort of make you aware that there are people out there who are going to try and take you for a Ford if you're sending your old stuff on nine.

  • So in terms of refunding the buyer, I haven't done so just yet because I followed a complaint to try and get the SST back from them or to try and get the equivalent monetary value off it refunded to me.

  • But we'll just have to see how things pan out on before you send off any product.

  • I would advise taking lots of photos of the serial numbers as many as you can, even if you don't put them all in your listing just so that you've got a personal collection of images that you can refer to, should you ever encounter a return request.

  • One thing I used to do would be to put a little mark.

  • I'm somewhere on the item, perhaps with, like, a Sharpie or something somewhere where the buyer isn't going to see.

  • It's that if it gets returned to you, you can then see if that mark still there so that you know, it is the same item that you sent off.

  • I wasn't going to make a video regarding this subject, but I felt like I needed to bring it to your attention.

  • And I just wanted to point out the humerus nous off this house situation because someone's obviously sold.

  • I'm a lot stupider than I am.

  • But with that being said, thank you for watching.

  • This is more of an informative video than anything else.

  • If you enjoyed it, leave a light on it.

  • You know what you're talking about?

  • What did you say something about?

  • What's that for?

  • What's that for?

  • What's he do it?

  • What are you doing?

  • Hey, Right.

  • And on that note Thank you for watching Leave a light on this video if you enjoyed it.

  • Let you know if you've ever been scammed online.

  • Leaving this like if you didn't enjoy it, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, and I will be back.

Hello, everyone.


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