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  • Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

  • Now I usually don't cover PC gaming news, but as a channel usually focusing on older hardware.

  • I read something today that hit me a little personally as of April 2000 and 18 or at the time of this upload video have officially ended.

  • Support for Fermi Graphics card Architectural.

  • As an avid fan of invidious older cars running on an architecture with driver support spanning 80 years, I thought we pay tribute to a Siri's that produced some of the most memorable and popular graphics cards to ever release.

  • Among the long list in code many we've tested here in the past, ranging from entry level cars like the GT 5 20 through to mid range legends like that GTX 5 60 T I, all the way up to high end GP use like the GTX for 82 of which in SL I would be enough to heat a small family home.

  • So let's take a look back at where it all started as well.

  • Let's remind ourselves of how a few of my favorite Fermi cards holed up in modern times.

  • It all started on the 26th of March 2010 when in video launched the first and flagship Fermi GPU, the GTX for 80 or at least they were supposed to.

  • But it was made available generally during early April, along with the less powerful and cheaper at GTX for 70 both retailing at 499 and 349 respectively.

  • The $499 or £400 Jew ticks for 80 featured 480 coup because a 700 megahertz core clock, 924 megahertz memory clock and 1.5 gigabytes of G d.

  • D R five v ram on in video recommended a 600.

  • What power supply?

  • With the need for a six pin and a pin power connector under load, you could have expected temperatures to exceed 90 degrees.

  • And speaking of heat, a sunburn version of myself tested discard back in June of 2017 in comparison to an HD 58 70 and found that it could still keep up in Samet Modern games.

  • Despite my life for this card, the 4 80 wasn't liked by everyone because of the aforementioned heat issues.

  • So later the same year, the reworked successor the Duty X 5 80 was launched based on the G F 1 10 firmly refresh chip.

  • The 5 80 was quieter Caller and offered about 20% more performance than the 4 80 releasing with the same 1.5 gigabytes of the RAM at an identical launch price of $499 until the launch of A and E's Radio on 69 70 the following month.

  • Many PC gamers speculated as to whether or not that card would not the 5 80 off the top spot, but it didn't.

  • And so the 5 80 remained king.

  • Even when I tested it back in September of last year, seven years after the initial launch, the card had no problems running some of the latest games available.

  • I also explored the power of the rare Mars to which combined to GE T X five eighties and originally retailed for over £1000 or dollars.

  • Both the 4 85 80 can now be found for a fraction of their original prices on used marketplaces.

  • But now let's fast forward a couple of months and focus on invidious slightly newer and more affordable Fermi offerings in January of 2000 and 11 The Jew Tex 5 60 T I was launched a $249 or just under £200 in the UK This was my dream card at the time of its launch, but as a high school student with no job, I just couldn't afford it.

  • In November 2017 I finally got to play with a super clocked version six years after launch and found that with a few games turned down to 7 20 p, it could still produce decent frame rates except for games like assessing screen origins, which yeah, the less said the better.

  • Clocked at 900 megahertz, This one gigabyte card was ideal for those who didn't have an extravagant budget but still wanted a decent HD gaming experience.

  • In an unexpected moving video.

  • Later launched a special edition of 448 coup decor 5 60 T.

  • I, based on the G F 1 10 architectural, as opposed to the G F 1 14 GPU found in the standard 5 60 t I.

  • This performed closer to a genetics 5 70 though AM D's 69 50 at the time was cheaper on almost as fast.

  • Now, another excellent addition to both the Fermi and 500 Siri's lineup came in the form of the 5 50 t I, launching at just $149.

  • At this price, it was perfect for budget builders looking for a decent gaming experience at a reasonable price and didn't require too much power to run within video, recommending a 400 What Power supply and 16 pin connector.

  • The 5 50 t I filled the gap between the duty s 4 50 the duty X 4 60 and ran on a modified version off the four fifties GF 106 chip named G F 1 16 at less than £100.

  • Here in the UK, it was almost a special to me is the later released that Maxwell based 7 50 t I and it would still be an o cake hard for all you EA Sports game fans out there running titles like Overwatch just fine, with reduced settings within video, ending new driver support for Fermi cards and switching them to legacy status, it means that if you're running a firmly based GPU you won't have access to certain optimization cz for specific games included in driver updates because, well, you won't have access to said driver updates.

  • You will, however, still receive any critical security updates until January 2000 and 19.

  • All I can say is thank you for me for your eight years of service to many of us PC gamers out there.

  • And thank you all for watching.

  • No, I no, I didn't cover every Fermi card out there and I may have missed your favorite.

  • So if you've had any experience with this architecture, please let me know your favorite firmly based card down below in the comments, as well as if you still run one in your main rig, guys, as always.

  • Thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like on it.

Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.


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