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  • Ryklina gathers with members of the team in the war room to hear ah, highly anticipated report on the possible silver ring found one day ago in the swamp.

  • Doug, if you'd be kind enough to bring him up and say hello to the gentleman and hopefully get some really relevant information.

  • Hello, Professor.

  • Are you good?

  • Joining them via video conference is Charles Lewton Brain Ah, professor at the Alberta College of Art and Design, who has more than 30 years of experience as a professional gemologist and master Goldsmith.

  • Having examined detailed photographs taken up the ring, Lewton brain has been able to determine not only when the object was made, but also it's possible origins.

  • Oh, who is good?

  • When you get somebody, tell pocket I found thousands of rings Gold, silver, bronze, copper.

  • Andi, this ring's got me stumped.

  • So I'm open.

  • You've got some good news for us.

  • I'm open.

  • This is kind of old.

  • Well, definitely kind of hold.

  • I think we could start with that.

  • The repair is crude and because of the way it was done, it looks like somebody needed it done pretty quickly.

  • And I think there are two repairs I think there was one repair to make the ring a lot bigger than a second repair to make the ring a little small.

  • It does look like there was a bad metal used for the repair, like silver platinum.

  • It's It's a good ring, but on the top part of that joint, it is still bright silver, and the ring itself has corroded away, thinned out from that patch of metal.

  • So that could mean bronze.

  • Or it could mean ah, hire copper content.

  • Silver alloy.

  • Where did this floral pattern?

  • I mean, is there any cultural influence to it?

  • The Boral design definitely appears handmade.

  • The flower in the center is rather interesting because it appears to have been chiseled.

  • That is, cut out using chisels, which implies older in time because saw blades don't really become available to jewelers until 17 30 17 fifties, and so prior to that, he would be cutting the metal out with a chisel.

  • Did I hear you correctly?

  • That would be pre 17 30.

  • It iss floral pattern reads.

  • You're into me.

  • I see possibly Spanish, a Spanish silver ring dating back to the early 17 hundreds or earlier.

  • Could it be in some way connected to the Spanish Mera body Coin dated to 16.

  • 52 that Rick, Marty and the team found six years ago in the swamp.

  • Yeah.

  • Now you've pointed out I know that flower designs were really popular on a lot of the Spanish jewelry that you find from the treasure fleets around the world.

  • Actually, well, you know, whenever we find things, were always looking to come to a greater understanding of possibly the Hoover.

  • But certainly when that timeline is instrumental in figuring out who, what, When, Where, why and how of Oak Island, that's for sure.

  • So way.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • It's been insightful.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • I'm open to some more there, So let's go.

Ryklina gathers with members of the team in the war room to hear ah, highly anticipated report on the possible silver ring found one day ago in the swamp.


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