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  • salutes Alex.

  • Today we're making a lovely chatting with slow cooked beef, red plums and trickery in the 30.

  • The city is that it's part of a series about statins as known as French inspired, open faced sandwiches.

  • Those modern recipes are tasty, easy, healthy, and they will let you experience the taste of false wherever you are on the planet on a tight budget.

  • Thes starting dessert is my second to last video before summer break.

  • Do not miss the last bizarre, as it will be a live Q and A.

  • So be ready to screen.

  • Grab all details in 321 uh, so that in a perfect to discover French food because they have seen perf in and most importantly, yes, stews and slow cooked meats are very classic French food.

  • Just think of a book in your off.

  • Put off all block it.

  • For whatever reason, it always seems a bit complicated that in fact it's not.

  • You definitely can wrap up a nice too easily season a big chunk of meat and place it in a so span with bit of oil off the high heat.

  • In this recipe, and using brisket, which is really nice, but my favorite is, in fact, ox cheek.

  • If you have a favorite melt in your mouth, cut off beef, please share it in the comments section.

  • Right, Drop it a bit of water along with a stock cube.

  • Now drop a glass or two off red wine.

  • I am using red wine because I'm living in France and we can find here cheap but decent butters off red wine.

  • But as you guys are not all living in France, gathering of 96% of you, I'm not living in France if you dislike it or if it's too expensive.

  • If you don't drink alcohol or if you can't find it, then you can use, for example, a produce.

  • Or you can use the doubt be, I guess you can use grape juice, chicken stuff, water, whatever.

  • It's fine, So normally you would have to let this bleep away for about three hours.

  • But you can use a pressure cooker instead and divide the time by half.

  • And if you don't want to, you can always use roast beef left of us or just a state in slices.

  • The Virginia left with really tender beef and a lot of liquid, which you can reduce down in a pan.

  • Cut a few red plums in slices and set those aside.

  • So, as always, bread is critical.

  • I'm choosing some sour dough bread because I like rustic taste, but you can choose to go on the opposite side and just use some British bred flies.

  • And we're just to go sweeter and softer.

  • In any cases, you were toasted two minutes a side on medium height.

  • No Gallagher of this time.

  • Instead of cut a radish in half and rub the toast with the flesh is gonna lodge itself in those thousands of little pockets.

  • I don't have access to it, but if you do, horseradish would be great Now, good shimmy off.

  • DeJuan misdialed off any soft, Mister, Mister is a staple food here in France and especially Dijon.

  • Mister, if you guys live in the US, then you can use yellow Mr, which is soft and creamy.

  • Maybe do not use English, Mr, which is too hot to make it pretty.

  • Overlap layers of beef, plums and salad.

  • Result a tablespoon off the cooking juices over it and finish him with a Sprinkle of sort.

  • A crunch off pepper and last but not least, a touch off rosemary goes.

  • Beef and rosemary are besties for life.

  • You've got good crunch from toast and hickory, which also brings a slight hint of bitterness.

  • Nothing too powerful, I promised.

  • You've got heat from radish, mister and pepper and soft and melted and intense flavors from slow cooked beef Plums play their part, and they bring juices and acidity to that 90 open face.

  • Perfect time to do the accounts.

  • We stay at 2.38 U.

  • S.

  • Dollars to 0.15 euros and £1.76 calorie wise.

  • It's okay cause we stay at 415 calories, which is reasonable considering the fact that it's not a snack.

  • It's a lunch.

  • I mean, if you pair it with a side dish, it's a lunch and not a kilo of mashed potato, please.

  • Against that, I hope to enjoy this recipe on.

  • If you did, please re create that chatting at home with your ingredients and posted online on your socials and please that means and use the hashtag.

  • Spread it like butter so that I can see your lovely creations and showcase you work.

  • I used vision, Mister, it's not that hard to make at home.

  • If you want a video about it, please let me know in the comments.

  • Last People click.

  • Subscribe because I make videos on Sunday, and it's mostly about getting the push out of French food light that time where I made French toast three ways, including a vegan version.

  • Yes, begin for a Frenchman that is completely mind blowing.

  • Or so people make some pretty international stuff, like that video where I presented a seven different spice mix that every cook I should know about always remember to have fun in the kitchen, but I said it.

salutes Alex.


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