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  • this beautiful young woman is about to go on trial for her life, accused of the savage, frenzied murder of her ex boyfriend.

  • I know that I'm innocent.

  • God knows I'm innocent.

  • Travis knows I'm innocent.

  • She's talking about Travis Alexander, a popular motivational speaker she dated for five months.

  • The steamy affair with Jodi Arias came to an end last year when she says she discovered he was cheating.

  • It wasn't very pretty.

  • Breakups are never easy, but that sort of signified the end of our relationship.

  • Last June, Travis was brutally murdered.

  • Travis Alexander was found dead in his shower.

  • Here it is luxury home in Mesa, Arizona.

  • He was shot in the face, stabbed 27 times, and his throat was slit from ear to ear.

  • Police found a camera here at the crime scene.

  • On it, provocative, naked photographs of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander taken the day he was viciously murdered.

  • Another photograph shows Travis seriously wounded and bleeding.

  • Prosecutors say 28 year old Jody went to her former boyfriends home for a final tressed, took the provocative photographs, then murdered him.

  • They even have Jody's palm print in his blood.

  • Did you kill Travis Alexander haps Li did not kill Travis Alexander had nothing to do with this murder.

  • I didn't harm him in any way.

  • I met Jodi Arias for a jailhouse interview.

  • Her hair now light brown and she dropped a bombshell, describing for the first time what she says happened the day of the murder.

  • I witnessed Travis being attacked by two other individuals who I don't know who they were.

  • I couldn't pick them out in a police lineup.

  • So what happened?

  • Um, they came into his home and attack The spoke, she says.

  • A man and a woman wearing masks burst into the home and attacked both of them.

  • Jodi claims she fled, but was too terrified to call the police.

  • I'm not proud that I just left my friend there to be slaughtered at the hands of two other people.

  • I'm not proud of that at all.

  • You understand?

  • You look guilty here.

  • I understand that everything all of the evidence against me right now is very compelling.

  • What really happened in there?

  • And in that shell, two people took Travis's life to monsters.

  • You did not shoot Travis.

  • No.

  • I've never even shot a real gun.

  • you did not stab him $27.

  • That's that's heinous.

  • Slit his throat from ear to ear.

  • I can't imagine slitting anyone's throat.

  • Jodi Arias is sticking to her story that to mystery killers murdered her former boyfriend, and she's convinced a jury will believe her.

  • No jury is going to convict me.

  • Why not?

  • Because I'm innocent and you can mark my words on that one.

  • No jury will convict.

  • I am very sorry for the enormous pain that I caused the people that love Travis.

  • At her sentencing Monday, Jodi Arias apologized to the grieving family of Travis Alexander, the ex boyfriend she was convicted of murdering.

  • I'm truly disgusted, and I'm repulsed with myself horrified because of what I did, and I wish there was some way I could take it back.

  • Alexander's three sisters also spoke.

  • They sobbed as they pleaded with the judge to show areas no mercy.

  • I see the pain in our faces and the tears.

  • We cried and it never stops.

  • Then, as Arias stood before her in prison stripes, Judge Sherry Stevens pronounced the sentence.

  • The defendant shall be incarcerated the Department of Corrections for the rest of her natural life with no possibility of parole.

  • So there it is.

  • The long saga of Jodi Arias is over.

  • She may have escaped the death penalty, but she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars.

this beautiful young woman is about to go on trial for her life, accused of the savage, frenzied murder of her ex boyfriend.


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ジョディ・アリアス、刑務所でのインタビューで無実を主張 (Jodi Arias Claims Innocence in Jailhouse Interview)

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