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  • slowly, Wuhan is emerging.

  • And today a national moment of mourning to honor the 3330 people the authorities say have died from covet 19 and the medics who lost their own lives trying to save others.

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  • Far from nearing the end, Western Europe is still in the midst of it.

  • There are so few beds in France where nearly 7000 have died already critical patients are being airlifted around the country.

  • Alsace in the East and Strasburg have been particularly badly hit.

  • When people ask, well, infections begin to slow, Difficult to say, way, hoping that in original with kind off, reach the peak and, um on and we're not going to have her every day.

  • Even more admissions stunned the prettiest Dae ho Pretty.

  • But that's not the situation everywhere in France, because we've been hit it first s.

  • So we're just hoping that now we would be not the highest in term if we slow down both China and the U.

  • A.

  • Promising assistance to Africa to help bolster fragile health systems like this isolation center in Lagos.

  • In Jo'burg, mobile testing labs began visiting townships on dhe.

  • The entire continent became the focus of some deeply unsettling comments this week when two French doctors suggested trial treatments should be tested on African prostitutes or people with AIDS.

  • On that freak, we have been mask.

  • One of the doctors has since apologized in the USA.

  • No apologies, Just Maur contradiction from inside the White House itself, where the surgeon general issued new safety guidance, start wearing masks something Melania Trump immediately tweeted.

  • But as for the president himself, evidently it's beneath him, somehow sitting in the Oval Office behind that beautiful, resolute desk.

  • The great Resolute Desk, I think wearing a face mask as agreed presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens.

  • Somehow I don't see him from herself.

  • The U.

  • S.

  • Now has by far the largest number of infections anywhere, with deaths predicted to approach of quarter of a 1,000,000 and projections New Orleans could soon join New York as one of the nation's Corona virus hot spots.

  • Well, the state of New Orleans, where just a few weeks ago tens of thousands of people crowded into the city to celebrate Mardi Gras is fast emerging as a southern hot spot of Corona virus.

  • In the United States, cases are soaring on the death rate is twice that off.

  • NEW YORK In a state already grappling with high levels of poverty and ill health, officials are struggling to cope.

  • Kate Fisher reports Mardi Gras in full swing on the streets of New Orleans two months into a Corona virus outbreak.

  • 35 days after the first U.

  • S case.

  • It's for the disease spread rapidly through the crowds, even though at that point there were no reported cases in the state.

  • Oblivious to the risk, partygoers filmed themselves jostling in the cramped streets.

  • Two weeks later, a dramatic surge in the number of sick shut down the city.

  • The mayor says she would have acted sooner if President Trump had alerted the country to the risk.

  • In hindsight, if we were given clear direction, we would not have had my autograph and I would have been the leader to cancel instead the city and surrounding areas are overwhelmed.

  • The rate of infection in your leans is one of the highest in America.

  • The state governors predicted the city will run out of ventilators by the end of this weekend.

  • It's tough.

  • It's almost like Wah Kimmel every night.

  • You know there's a different facility that's overwhelmed.

  • This last use tide.

  • We don't have any invasion beds, a TTE this place that we're constantly moving around the chest pieces.

  • The death rate from Covert 19 here is nearly twice that of New York City.

  • Almost 1/4 of people in your leans live below the poverty line.

  • We're a family of four, makes less than £22,000 a year.

  • This in a country where health care isn't free of poverty and poor health, are inextricably linked.

  • And many of our individuals and New Orleans air impacted not only by being low income but by cycles of violence and trauma from early childhood.

  • So all of this leaves, too, the perfect conditions for chronic disease, and what we're learning about this virus is that it is opportunistic and that it is very deadly to people who have multiple organ disease.

  • Those deaths can be rapid to meaning families, if they're even allowed to visit, may not get there in time to say goodbye.

  • We had 98 year old lady who tested positive and she wasn't doing well.

  • But because of her age, she was not gonna be ventilated by her choice.

  • So the family was called, but is is so common with this, she just went bad really quickly.

  • You know, it's rough to think that someone who had lived almost 100 years would end up dying with a stranger or relative stranger holding her hand.

  • This is truck concern is that those levees will just get overrun and the city will quickly flood.

  • This isn't the first time your leans hasn't been able to properly mourn its dead.

  • In 2000 and five, Hurricane Katrina claimed more than 1000 lives.

  • I think that there's definitely a feeling of triggering effect is people who have PTSD from Katrina.

  • Um, I think a lot of the wounds from that situation haven't really healed for many of us, myself included.

  • I think about Katrina in that situation all the time, and I think that, um, it is sort of one thing after another.

  • It is very disturbing.

  • I'm from a very poor state, uh, New Orleans, another very wealthy city.

  • And I don't have a lot of political power National, And so I think that that is a real problem.

  • And I think you have to lay at the feet of the federal government.

  • It is their job to make sure that all the citizens in this country are being supported equally.

  • Your leans Lower Ninth Ward was washed away by Hurricane Katrina.

  • Those who survived were left homeless and hopeless.

  • But Banel Cortland was determined to salvage his community then And he's doing the same now he set up the only store for miles in the wreckage of his neighborhood.

  • Now he says, those neighbors have lost jobs on dhe.

  • He's having to give away food on credit.

  • These the customers coming here trying to get milk, eggs, bread, cheese, no defeat their families.

  • And I can't tell them No, because if they had, they would pay it.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I just see so much hanging everything and it hurts.

  • It hurts.

  • I wish that I could walk.

  • It is so low.

  • It's like Katrina.

  • Oh, except this time, it's a lot harder to be invisible monster.

  • That nightmare in the best way to describe your leans, is still trying to rouse itself from the last bad dream it endured.

  • But this scarred city is once again unsure whether it will get the help it needs to treat its wounds.

slowly, Wuhan is emerging.


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ニューオーリンズがハリケーンから15年後のコロナウイルスの戦いに挑む (New Orleans takes on Coronavirus battle 15 years after hurricane)

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