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  • you know, the social distancing directives say Stay six feet away from other people.

  • But is that far enough?

  • Not according to one professor at M I T.

  • Who's been researching the science of sneezes.

  • And Rick Adriano has more on that.

  • And Deborah.

  • There are questions today about whether staying six feet apart is really in enough When we're social distancing, doubts are being raised after an M.

  • I T.

  • Professor said.

  • Sneezes and coughs can travel as far as 27 feet.

  • Dr.

  • Anthony felt she was asked about the new research.

  • There is a professor from M.

  • I T Dr Fauci who suggest that Corona virus could be carried on droplets of distance of 27 feet.

  • Do you buy into that?

  • If that might be the case, does that suggest the current social distancing guidelines may need to be extended?

  • This could really be terribly misleading, John.

  • If you go way back and go hot Jew and go like that, you might get 27 feet.

  • But so when you see somebody do that, get out of here on Good Morning America, the surgeon general said all Americans may soon be advised to wear a face mask.

  • In contrast to what he said several weeks ago, you weighed in at first and he was saying, Do not buy, do not wear mass if you're healthy And now the CDC and others are changing the recommendation.

  • So where do you stand right now on people wearing masks that do not have symptoms?

  • We've learned about this disease, and we've always said We're gonna learn more, We're gonna adjust and we've learned that there's a fair amount of asymptomatic spread.

  • So we've asked the CDC to take another look at whether or not having more people wear masks will prevent transmission of the disease to other people.

  • But here's the most important thing.

  • Even if you do wear a mask, it can't be at the expense of social distancing.

  • President Trump says there may be an alternative to conventional masks for non medical personnel.

  • You can use the scarf scarf would be very good.

  • We spoke to Dr Oz.

  • Could a scarf be used in place of a mask?

  • It's not as good as a mascot.

  • Scarf is a nice piece of clothing, and it makes a fashion statement is not designed to start particles, so it won't work as well as a mask, but it's better than nothing.

  • So since we need masks for the doctors and nurses, I actually think wearing something you've fashioned for yourself is a face covering could work really effectively been Dana's work?

  • Well.

  • Yesterday, Deborah showed you a mask she made for her 95 year old father in law.

  • Cut 97 inch.

  • Today she's showing how to do it yourself at home, and you're just gonna so the quarter inch same across the top.

  • She's using her trusty sewing machine and a template she's designed.

  • Here's your template to place You're folds and here's your mask and this washable and it just fits are you can get a really good secure fit.

  • You go to inside edition dot com for info on how to get my instructions to make your own mask.

you know, the social distancing directives say Stay six feet away from other people.


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自宅で自分のフェイスマスクを作る方法 (How to Make Your Own Face Mask at Home)

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