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  • Hey Guys, It's Alex. So its 8 o'clock

  • I am in Paris with a bunch of other friends

  • We are gonna go to the market, we're gonna pick the best produce possible

  • and then, its gonna be spontaneous cooking. Ohh i love this

  • So we just arrived at the market, its a French market located in the 11th district in Paris

  • Lots of great product there

  • I just picked up some really nice premium garlic

  • Usually you'd recognise garlic from Lautrec

  • Because of it's uniformity

  • And also because its slightly pink

  • How beautiful is that, slightly pink

  • Also we took some white asparagus which looks nothing but stunning

  • Show people that cooking is easy and that, its just fun

  • You can win, you can fail, it doesn't matter

  • Yeah, like opening the bottle with your teeth

  • Ohh I wanna do that, can you teach me to do this?

  • Yeah!

  • You dont break your teeth when you do it?

  • A little bit

  • Super lison is just something you want to sprinkle at the end

  • It will just pop in your mouth

  • At the cheese store we took some comté, some young comté just to cook with it and also some old comté.

  • Straight from the Jura region

  • 36 month old this one

  • Its like lliterally mind blowing

  • When i first moved to London 7 years ago, i moved to the north and I've stayed in the north ever since

  • Like which which, like the north like Manchester? Scotland?

  • No No No as in just London 'the north'

  • Beautiful chicken from the south of France from the Landes

  • Okay so i just stepped out of this French butcher but i think it would be nice to have your opinion, your the meat guy

  • I love meat and i also train in butcheries and i i... everything comes from French butchery

  • All the cuts of meat, Filet, Faux-Filet, the Entrecotes

  • Yeah its gonna be good

  • Shopping at the market is now finished, we just arrived at the kitchen

  • Lets just go in

  • So now were in the kitchen

  • I'm properly dressed up

  • I feel like i'm running for the Olympics

  • So i'm thinking of a nice rustic Tartine with um really intense French flavours, cause thats basically the theme today

  • The Tartine is nothing complicated

  • Its all about showcasing the freshness

  • And the characteristics of each and every product on the plate

  • The longest step in this recipe is cooking the chicken so thats my first step

  • Ive got some cognac, you know - French brandy

  • Does bring some, you know, deep flavours. You cant exactly feel the brandy in the sauce but you can feel that something beneath it is slowly doing a thing

  • And thats... good!

  • And also I've got some dry white wine

  • Then some nice cream from 'Isigny'

  • Really lovely, velvet cream

  • Of course sourdough bread!

  • Those are white asparagus

  • Thank you

  • Tarragon

  • That looks good dude, smells awesome

  • Its gonna be a bit messy to eat

  • Okay guys so the cooking session is now over

  • One of the characteristics of a good Tartine - something should fall off

  • I told you!

  • Theres the caremalised chicken, theres the cream, theres the swing coming from the lime

  • Just the right amount of kick when it comes to garlic

  • Sourdough bread slightly charred on the edges

  • Deep, slightly acidic

  • French quisine can be simple, can be cheap, but still very tasty

  • You don't have to be a chef to make great French food, thats what i think

  • I really hope you liked this video, and if you did give it a big thumbs up and shout-out over all your social media, you know how it works. #SPREADITLIKEBUTTER

  • And lastly please subsrcribe cause i make new vides every week and its always about food

  • Sometimes its about fresh food like today

  • but, its always about the love. Take care, bye-bye, salut.

Hey Guys, It's Alex. So its 8 o'clock


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