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  • new study tonight on sneezing and the virus can particles from one sneeze travel up to 27 feet here?

  • Steve O's and Saw Me.

  • The new warning tonight is coming from scientists who are studying the human sneeze.

  • And they found that under clinical conditions, the little droplets potentially carrying the Corona virus seen here with this ultra high speed camera can fly up to 27 feet at speeds between 33 100 feet per second.

  • Ah, cough is only a little better between six and 19 feet.

  • For these and other reasons, the researcher writes that the wearing of appropriate personal protection equipment is vitally important for health care workers, even if they are farther than six feet away from a patient.

  • That's what strongly suggests that health care workers should have high grade respirators.

  • But in the last 24 hours, Dr Anthony Fauci has been urging caution about these findings, saying that the recommendation for Americans to keep up six feet of physical distancing is still enough.

  • So if you go way back and go Jew and go like that, you might get 27 feet.

  • But so when you see somebody do that get out of the way or something.

  • But that's not.

  • It is well known that this disease spreads up close person to person.

  • Health officials point to a Washington State choir practice where no one shook hands.

  • 45 people were infected and two singers died.

  • It can just happen.

  • That's scary.

  • All of this is strengthening the argument that more Americans should be wearing face coverings in public to slow the spread of this disease.

  • David All right, we're hearing that, Steve.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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new study tonight on sneezing and the virus can particles from one sneeze travel up to 27 feet here?


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人間のくしゃみを研究している科学者が新たな警告を発した|WNT (New warning from scientists studying human sneeze | WNT)

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