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  • when we do a project, we really try to find a great level of authenticity.

  • One of the things that the show is trying to do is to pull back the curtain on these two worlds, which we don't really get to see in real life.

  • And so we really want people who have it.

  • These worlds tow, watch the show and to see themselves everything you have on him get underneath what motivates fears, goals, way spent tons of time with hedge fund guys and prosecutors.

  • Starting with these sit downs that Andrew Ross Sorkin put together for us, we can talk to these people really late at night when they had a few drinks and maybe they didn't realize that they were giving us playbook.

  • But give us the playbook they did.

  • I'm doing my job.

  • I don't think about what it looks like.

  • It's a sin, authentic as these guys can make it without getting a suit.

  • I got to meet the actual U S.

  • Attorney.

  • You're super intense guy.

  • I want to put him on the rack and stretch him the guys who have genuine, idealistic belief in the law.

  • They can do no wrong, which is an interesting, double edged thing for somebody to live that way.

  • I have broad discretion to pursue any options exactly the way I see fit.

  • It's absolute power in a lot of ways.

  • He cannot just walk around using rumor and hearsay on destroy lives on businesses.

  • I won't allow it.

  • Bobby Axelrod is not a villainous financial character.

  • He's also not a businessman with a heart of gold.

  • I love what I do.

  • I love what we do.

  • I am now steeped in hedge fund culture, having been researching the past couple of months and interesting characteristic in all of them is that a lot of the time they back against the market, And I think you have to be a particular psychological type to want to dig your heels in and say, I think I'm right.

  • No one else has seen it on.

  • I'm gonna back myself to do this.

  • I've seen that in all of them.

  • I don't see the short.

  • I need you to do it.

  • Through our research, we found that it was a super intense dislike from these two sides.

  • Like a tribal thing.

  • You went with a group of U.

  • S.

  • Attorneys and they talk about all hedge fund people the way FBI guys would talk about the month.

  • He's an icon of the wealth of our age, and he is a fraud and you're out with the hedge fund.

  • People will talk about US attorneys like crooked cops, and they really believe it.

  • I don't get on bended knee and pledged fealty to the king.

  • This show looks all of those things together in a fictional environment and does it in a really authentic way.

  • That's the stuff of Great drum.

when we do a project, we really try to find a great level of authenticity.


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