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  • close your eyes.

  • Picture yourself.

  • At 80 years old, did you become a better version of yourself as a female character to be ableto play somebody who's equally powerful to these Titans?

  • You just don't come across it that much.

  • She knows what a lot of these men need, and that gives her a kind of edge.

  • Wendy Rhodes is the in house performance coach at Axe Capital.

  • Would you take down last year 7.2 million 7.2 mil that she's dealing with people who are kind of amazing amalgam of animal instinct, of competitive spirit?

  • And I would say she is that way as well.

  • This thing I do get so fucking turned on doing it.

  • I think she appreciates the hardball world that they're all in, and she can definitely swim with the sharks.

  • She also has this ability to step outside and really see why people were behaving the way they're paving.

  • You were the one that always told me to stand up for myself when you could mean yes.

  • She has a lot of power over these people who have a lot of power.

  • Are you prosecuting somebody?

  • It acts what's going on Chuck Wendy lives between the two worlds that have represented in the show, namely Wall Street in the U.

  • S.

  • Attorney's office.

  • Chuck and Wendy have a very fascinating relationship.

  • I work for the public.

  • Good.

  • No, you work for the good of Chuck Rhodes.

  • Maybe sometimes they intersect.

  • But Wendy and acts go back further.

  • Your value to the firm is absolute.

  • What's interesting about the characters that she's pretty good moral center.

  • And so the conflict of interest, I think, is part of the drama of this season.

close your eyes.


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ビリオンズ|マギー・シフとウェンディ・ローデス|シーズン1 (Billions | Maggie Siff on Wendy Rhoades | Season 1)

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