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  • axe is no ordinary billionaire.

  • He's an icon.

  • So when he falls, he's gonna hit the ground hard.

  • If the U.

  • S attorney is really coming, maybe keep it a little more low.

  • Key was more located.

  • Me no better defender of the public trust in this office.

  • We're gonna put him in a cell.

  • I know plenty about how Axe Capital works and I have a secret sauce.

  • Are you rich enough to never get another job?

  • So it looks like the race is on to see who's flipping on Bobby Axelrod.

  • Ground is shifting and you don't even see it.

  • We could lose everything.

  • I don't get on bended knee.

  • I'm pledged.

  • Fealty to the king.

  • You have to ask yourself, what is he gonna attack?

  • You're gonna blackmail me.

  • Watch, listen and report and everything's gonna be fine.

  • Why are you sticking around?

  • Because I built this company just as much as you did.

  • You might want to consider recusing yourself from this case.

  • The conflict of interest.

  • It's gonna be an issue.

  • Where you going after him so hard?

  • My office is taking action.

  • This is an action against.

  • This is bigger than you get the FBI Now I want to put him on the rack and stretch him.

  • We will mobilize the war machine.

  • Don't try to bring down our houses Fall.

axe is no ordinary billionaire.


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