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  • way.

  • In many ways, technology has simplified our lives, and in many ways it's complicated.

  • We're addicted.

  • We love it.

  • We fear it.

  • Way all expect to know more, read more, have more and be connected more so.

  • I would describe our relationship with technology today as being at a crossroads.

  • The 24 7 availability and the amount of communications that you have to deal with you can sometimes be overwhelming.

  • The thread that we have to make sure that we maintain is that threat of human connection.

  • We have to make it work for us and not work against us.

  • Technologies can help us create lots of connections with people that we either haven't met or don't know.

  • Well, you can broaden your horizons and really start to network and gain and share ideas with others that are in similar fields.

  • Or they're facing similar issues and then build relationships out of that and partnerships as you go forward.

  • I think technology helps promote empathy, way have the ability to see what is going on around the world.

  • When I am informing some of my clients about their philanthropy, I want to make sure that they see on the ground.

  • What is happening in the countries that they're looking to serve the Postal Service for over 240 years has made the world feel smaller because people could communicate with each other no matter where they were in the world.

  • And I think as the digital age emerges, the Postal Service continues to drive connection.

  • It's how that technology then creates these other connections.

  • If you allow it to and focus those connections on what's important in your life or in your business, there are companies that have done a great job of marrying the digital and physical.

  • You can pretty much get everything you want online.

  • It still requires delivery, and then you see the trend where some of them are actually opening retail you so you can test and try.

  • A shoe company will send out four sizes of the same shoe you try him on, and they know three are gonna come back.

  • And that's part of the business model.

  • And it gives the customer great experience and they figured out how to make that work.

  • And that's when you know you've really done your job well and that people can just focus on their desired outcomes.

  • My physical health is completely dependent upon the technology that I wear.

  • One of the devices that I wear is a blood glucose monitor.

  • It tells me 24 seven What my blood sugar's.

  • Our technology really forms a bridge for us today, where it provides the grease.

  • It allows us to go throughout the motions of our day with the least amount of resistance.

  • I'm excited about the option of five G and what that will do not only for businesses, but for people in their everyday lives.

  • Think about going to a medical appointment and with just one click, ensuring that all your medical records are provided are available at the doctor's office prior to arriving there.

  • I'm so excited to see all of the technology is advancing that will give us more information, allow us to make better decisions, be the solutions that help us have a better environment, better education and ultimately, a better world.

  • In terms of the Postal Service, we have a new platform we call Informed delivery, which basically takes images of the hard copy mail.

  • Pieces were processing, and we provide an email that next morning so you can look at what's coming in your mail that day.

  • When I think about how digital products enhance our well being, it's not just that they can enhance it, it said.

  • We become so interdependent on them.

  • That is kind of what I call they can't remember, can't remember is I can't remember a time when So in my parent's generation they could remember a time when they didn't have radio.

  • But that cell phone that you have today, that smartphone you have today.

  • One thing I can assure you is that it will be gone in 10 or 12 years, and the real question is what will be the next set of can't remembers.

  • I'm full of hope about the future when it comes to technology and just continues to evolve, and we continue to evolve and how to best use it to enhance our lives.



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TEDと米国郵政公社。私たちの物理的な世界とデジタルの世界が絡み合っている (フルフィルム) (TED & United States Postal Service: Our physical and digital worlds intertwined (full film))

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