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  • When did it become a crime to succeed in this country?

  • The animal metaphor is, let's go out there.

  • Bring some meat back to camp.

  • He's a competitive Alfa male billionaire.

  • He's first generation real money.

  • He's bullying Axe Axelrod being a billionaire.

  • When you walk into a room, you know exactly what everyone's looking at.

  • You know exactly what they want.

  • Lobbies A prominent, quite well loved hedge fund manager over at Axe Capital.

  • The moment I let someone in a board and tell me what I can or cannot buy, I may as well close the shop.

  • But I'm not closing the shop.

  • He's got a finger in almost every pie.

  • You'll invest in anything but at the same time there is a U.

  • S.

  • Attorney, so I think gets a whiff that I might not be trading above board, telling you to keep it a little more low.

  • Key was more located Me.

  • He likes his place, a top table.

  • He owns an enormous house, but he's less establishment less conservative than the investment bankers to pinstripe suits.

  • That's across the other cab business.

  • It's like Highlander.

  • There can be only one access, more blue collar roots not Ivy League and damn proud of the money he's made.

  • He's not always afraid to show that.

  • What's the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you at the same time, he has great generosity, great loyalty, and it's very much why he and his wife are such a partnership.

  • I hope we're like acts.

  • I think he's someone that will recognize you think I got all of this by only taking what's necessary, Whether he turns out to be a good guy.

  • I don't know any more than you did.

  • They may be cheering now, but believe May they are dying to boo.

When did it become a crime to succeed in this country?


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