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  • Many people know me as Cynthia Win.

  • But the name given to me at birth was Marsh a sing win And I was born in Miramar, this beautiful Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma were If you look at the full words that make up my name, can you guess which is my last name?

  • Well, the answer is I don't have a last name.

  • The 1st 1 ma is an honorific which stands for Miss Chasen means pure gold, which is also the name off our Academy Award trophy in Myanmar.

  • My mom must have been a huge fan off the movies.

  • The last word winning means shining.

  • So basically, mining means shining pure gold Academy Award.

  • Okay.

  • I like it that its songs brilliant and pressures.

  • This is my brother.

  • His name is Mommy.

  • Asian own.

  • And this is me.

  • As you can see, there is not a common word in our names to imply that we are related.

  • Mind you, we are biological siblings with the same mother and father.

  • Now you might find it puzzling how we treat our ancestry without a last name.

  • We are equally puzzled by how the rest off the world insist that we must have a last name to feel in every application form.

  • Farms in Myanmar don't require last names.

  • Instead, they ask for name in full and father's name in full, just like this visa application form from the Miramar Embassy.

  • Recently, I've received a linked in request from a person called Win Own.

  • I don't know who that WAAS, so I just ignored the request.

  • A week later, my dad called me and asked, You didn't friend me on Facebook.

  • Now you are ignoring me or linked in as well.

  • Who would have thought?

  • After he split up his name?

  • Putin, on wind to fit in the first and last name boxes, it became renowned.

  • Even I couldn't recognize my dad's name.

  • Having no last name doesn't mean we don't have a system in naming our Children.

  • Following the ancient Burmese astrology, most babies are named based on the day off the week he or she is born.

  • Babies born On Monday we'll have names beginning with a set off letters from the Burmese effort Burt and a Tiger represents.

  • Then to stay born.

  • Babies will have names, beginning with another set of letters and a lion represents.

  • Then there are eight days in a week, but not to worry.

  • When this day is divided into morning and afternoon, represented by elephants with and without tasks, the eight animal statues off the weak can be found at corners surrounding most pagodas in Mem are Obama was born on a Friday, which makes him, uh, guinea pig Friday.

  • Balls like him are believed to be creative, sympathetic and talkative.

  • Now let me share with you how my name has evolved over the years at birth.

  • The name given to me.

  • Waas Sure, Jason.

  • In 1990 my family migrated to single bar, where most off my Chinese friends have three words in their names, with the last two words being their first names.

  • So when I was introduced to my new eight year old friends in Singapore, they naturally concluded, like them, my first name must be the last two words Sin win, as I wasn't able to speak English or Chinese.

  • Initially, I didn't think that explaining to them the roots off my name or advising what they should be calling me were important at that time.

  • So most people I've met in Singapore know me as Sing win in 2008 I went to Australia for graduate studies and decided to adopt a Western name chosen by my mom, Cynthia as my first name and wind as my last name.

  • Why, Cynthia?

  • Well, because we're written in Burmese.

  • See why Ensign uses the letter saw off the Burmese l for bird which suits that used a born mean.

  • As for women, I want an easy name to remember.

  • And who wouldn't want win as they are?

  • Last name, right?

  • When someone calls me as sh risen today the bus.

  • It must also be Burmese.

  • But I've grown so disassociated with my own name that in on takes me a while to register Bed is actually me when someone calls me sin Wind.

  • That person must be someone I know from school or work in Singapore when I'm caught.

  • Cynthia, that must be an n v a classmate, a client or color.

  • Cynthia win is great for the business world, but parts of me do miss the little sh rison that was left behind me.

  • Amar.

  • In many parts off Asia, such as in Singapore, more and more babies are given Western names for convenience and we will see many David's sinkers and Linda's in future.

  • But there might not be any shred essence left in the world if we don't lend the names from other cultures and make it convenient for everyone to use their cultural both names, where we still see traditionally meaningful names like The Shining Pure Gold Academy Award in the next generations Desert Tamara.

  • Thank you.

Many people know me as Cynthia Win.


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マ・シュエ・シン・ウィン(シンシア)。名前が苦手。グローバルな村でのローカルな名前の習慣 (Ma Shwe Sin Win (Cynthia): Not good with names: Local name customs in a global village)

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