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  • I'm going to tell you why we all need a touch of nature.

  • 10 years ago, I was living in Answer them, working for a multinational.

  • But I felt stuck in my life stuck and boring meetings and in a life that was generally unhappy with, and I felt a great longing for the outdoors.

  • So I moved back to flavor land, the crunch, the countryside where I'm from.

  • We're actually fought.

  • I would never return to a t least not to live, but I did, and I started working for ecological estate and Nature Reserve, and I initiated community projects like a vegetable garden, maybe paradise and the food forest of in a couple of years.

  • This initiative actually developed into a living lap where people from all over Netherlands come to to learn how nature and community come combines.

  • And already, in the first few weeks I felt more energized, more healthy and overall, with a better mental well being and all of us what's willing to understand how this works for me and how does works for other people as well?

  • In a time when more and more people are chronically ill and depression becomes a major social issue and I learned three things.

  • We need more physical activity feels as how body moves it creates and door finds, which makes us happy.

  • Second, we need a sense of belonging.

  • Toe be connected with the people around us and the land that we work on.

  • And first we need to do meaningful where work that makes us proud.

  • And it adds value to our lives into our world.

  • And this is especially effective when combined with nature, because simply by looking at nature, outstretched hormones, de trees and our bodies and minds start to recover.

  • Community garden projects have shown that people's thinking and communications skill in hounds, which enables them to tackle loneliness, anxiety, depression, starting to live in a world where we see that we need nature to take care of us as much as we need to take care of nature.

  • So rather than prescribing drugs and medication, you might start prescribing gardening and joining a local nature organ group.

  • So I hurt you to go outside, gather neighbors, start cleaning the streets or Joe, or start a local garden project and see how a touch of nature can heal yourself.

I'm going to tell you why we all need a touch of nature.


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私たちは皆、自然に触れることを必要としている|Lennard Duijvestijn|TEDxHaarlem (We all need a touch of nature | Lennard Duijvestijn | TEDxHaarlem)

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