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  • welcoming you to the return of the N Y fill biennial.

  • Three weeks packed full of premieres, staged operas, chamber and orchestral concerts after parties and more all celebrating the vibrancy of the global contemporary classical music scene.

  • Biennial features several exciting concerts at National Sawdust in Brooklyn.

  • The first of these concerts, Shared Madness is the culmination of an exciting project that began with an act of kindness was made possible through friendship.

  • When new music advocates Elizabeth and Justice afflicting helped violinist Jennifer Co purchase a major new instrument and agreed to accept newly commissioned music in return.

  • It was a selfless act that has created a ripple effect of generosity.

  • More than 30 renowned composer from around the world agreed to donate their time and talents and compose short new showpieces for solo violin.

  • The idea is to showcase virtuosity in the 21st century and explore the shared creative space between composer and performer.

  • The reason I came up with the title Shared Madness is because it's about the shared creative space, this shared experience and essentially this shared community that we live in and where we actually support each other.

  • That's kind of been an amazing thing on a musical level to just see how these composers are approaching this concept of virtuosity in the 21st century.

  • And there's such a plethora and multiplicity to those responses, which are really interesting, especially when they're paired next to each other.

  • One of the things I find and Jenny is a perfect example of this.

  • When I write for very fine players, which I've been really fortunate, you know, to be able to have done quite a bit is, you know, really fine.

  • Players are fearless, so if you write something that that is, somehow, you know, that could actually be smoother or better some other way, you know they won't tell you.

  • We'll just try to make it work as it is, because they can do anything.

  • Thanks to the generosity of the slick kings and the composers, Shared Madness has created a new body of solo violin masterworks.

  • On May 24th and 31st Jennifer will play these pieces for the first time on her new violin, for which they were written with the herd of composers, more than half of them American, who enthusiastically jumped on board for this project of camaraderie and artistry.

  • Shared madness is something of a microcosm of the N Y fill biannual itself.

  • I'm Seth boasted, and this has been your biannual beat.

welcoming you to the return of the N Y fill biennial.


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ビエンナーレ・ビート。ジェニファー・コーの "シェアード・マッドネス" (Biennial Beat: Jennifer Koh's "Shared Madness")

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