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  • Are you still on the Tom Cruise cake list?

  • You're on the Tom Cruise, Kate.

  • You know, I didn't know we're on the Tom Cruise cake list today.

  • I was talking about you being on the cake list, and somebody said, Oh, yeah, we got a cake from Tom every year.

  • Do you weigh someone in the office?

  • But it's the nicest cake I've ever had.

  • Yeah, you and Mike comes next.

  • Okay.

  • Same.

  • Oh, I've never seen our Tom cruise cake with cakes because my cousin worked with Tom Cruise in.

  • He got cakes from What was that all about?

  • He must have shares in a bakery.

  • Surely my granny turned 100 and then we arrived in their 100 cakes there.

  • From Tom Cruise.

  • What?

  • Yeah, Cupcakes.

  • Oh, yeah, I was gonna say I think he's just Yeah, it must be.

  • It must be some way of spreading joy and using cakes.

  • Thanks.

  • Bring joy.

  • They don't, but they do.

  • I haven't had the joy, but the office really impressed.

  • Yeah, on Kirsten Dunce is being on the show and you know, like it's so long ago.

  • Said she loved him.

  • She still gets the cake.

  • Vampire she was a child.

  • It still gets the cake on my 100 year old granny.

  • She's dead now.

  • It was a few years.

  • They still get the cake.

  • Tom Cruise, right outside the funeral home.

  • There's a stack of cakes.

  • No, she cheated.

  • Tom Cruise didn't mean that much to her.

  • She's even older generation, she said.

  • Please tell your friend that I loved the cakes.

  • It was so nice to receive them.

  • We just sort of her.

  • It was just this thing.

  • Round Guy goes around Giving Cakes Miss.

  • An all new episode of The Graham Norton Show, Fridays at 11 on Catch Up now.

Are you still on the Tom Cruise cake list?


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