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  • am I right in thinking that you formerly Robbie Williams?

  • Bad boy, You weren't at that big Christmas fan.

  • I was more New Year's Eve fat.

  • But now your dad and everything.

  • Presumably that makes you Christmas.

  • He doesn't it?

  • Yes.

  • I was a kid, and I loved it.

  • There was a teenager, and it was sort of euphoric and amazing on then I did too much of that and then had to stop doing that.

  • And then you sort of left with all the blanks that you were filling in.

  • And then Christmas is like, sort of.

  • You should be happy now.

  • Really, really happened is going.

  • I'm no on.

  • Then you thought that out for however many years, it takes a sort that out.

  • Then you meet your wife and she.

  • Then I meet your wife, which was weird.

  • I know I have no use for her, my wife, and she's just she's just like a professional memory maker.

  • And I've sort of been taken on this tidal wave of just incredible memories that she creates.

  • Now we've got three kids and I absolutely love it again.

  • Perhaps it is my favorite time of year doll.

  • Yes, on I also like Easter.

  • Some point out an Easter record.

  • Thio.

  • What about that?

  • You've invented Christmas traditions.

  • What's that about in America?

  • We are having a sort of like a British conquer enclave.

  • Is Is that what you call it?

  • It's just full of British people.

  • And then my extended American family, Onda.

  • We decided one day that we'd make up a tradition on full our American family friend, and it's called Break the Bread and you have a baguette and we say it's British.

  • But the baguettes already friend get like two American people to hold it.

  • Either way, all the British people start going, break the bread thing, then you get somebody to karate chop.

  • Everybody goes way and everybody's drunk, and you completely forget about it until next Christmas.

  • When the Americans come round to go, we're not gonna break the bread.

  • That beautiful division.

  • It actually sounds quite fun.

  • Yeah, Miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton show, Fridays at 11 on catch Up.

am I right in thinking that you formerly Robbie Williams?


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