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  • how many do five.

  • Hey, what's up?

  • It's Hayley and I am here hosting Americans.

  • Paris Number one.

  • Good music like everybody, confides Thio.

  • But not when you're filming.

  • Because it's too loud.

  • Even though we love Arianna number.

  • Chill.

  • Good outfit.

  • Don't really, because I usually get close out.

  • Number three.

  • Make sure you're buying all your friends that are in town.

  • Can thank you for coming tonight.

  • How how are you?

  • I'm so good getting being looked like I later we love it literally.

  • See you from everywhere.

  • I know that's what I was like.

  • Where are you before?

  • Good snacks.

  • I like when people do like many like mini cheeseburgers, many grilled cheeses because then you also don't feel as bad when you're eating it.

  • And number five, a good city, Good location.

  • I think Paris is a beautiful city of lights and romance and fashion.

  • I still feel jittery and nervous in Paris like I did the first time I ever walked here even more so that I'm hosting now.

how many do five.


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