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  • growing up.

  • We all got cards right from your aunt, your nana, and you never really liked red.

  • I'm just kind of shook him to see if there's any money that fell out, you know?

  • But there's so many things that people celebrate experience in their lives.

  • That is not just something you confined at the drugstore.

  • You know, someone will be like my son just came out as Trans, and it's just like, guess guess we record for that.

  • Hi, Marley.

  • I'm Morgan and we're the owners of Ladyfingers Letter press in Colorado Springs.

  • Morgan proposed after dating for three years, and we posted some photos of our wedding invitation online.

  • There was this big neon poster all hand lettered.

  • Before we knew it, the invitation went viral and we were getting requests from people to make their wedding invitations.

  • We didn't even have a website.

  • Yeah, we kind of hacked one together really quickly, and we quit our full time jobs and went to work for ourselves.

  • It was scary, but it was also exciting because we were our own bosses and it was totally upto us For the first time.

  • I never went to business school or graduate school.

  • We were really lucky to take a business class.

  • We spent eight weeks writing a business plan, and it's my number.

  • One thing I tell anyone who wants to be in business to find a class that could help take you through the parts that you're not familiar with.

  • We opened up our mom and mom shop July of 2016 4 Letter press is here in the shop, some of them over 100 years old.

  • I do the printing and I come up with all the bad, bad jokes.

  • And then I draw them.

  • My gauges.

  • If I read her my little notebook and she laughs, and then I'm like, That's a good one.

  • She's like, No, it's terrible, but you laughed.

  • And so sometimes we make those guards way realized the card industry wasn't addressing relationships that fell outside this very mainstream vision.

  • So we speak from our own experience and tell our own story with what we make.

  • We also want to make other people's experiences available to our customers, so we sell things made by friends and people we've known for years way.

  • Want everyone to feel like there's something here for them But I was constantly searching these little bits of information about how I could better online presence.

  • Our Google listing is so helpful customers leave comments Lee pictures and then really explain what their experience was like here.

  • We've been surprised at how the store has been supported and ground by our own community.

  • 50% of our sales also come through our website, and almost all the traffic is coming from Google.

  • All of what we do is about representing our voice in our values in our work, how we support LGBT organizations.

  • The community is a huge part of our vision for our business.

  • Inside Out is a local organization working with LGBT Q youth.

  • We create designs and bladder press printed goods for them that help support their cause.

  • When I came out, my family was like, Yeah, we know, like, how come nobody told me, You know, and I think it's so important for you to feel supported and encouraged and love for the people that they are.

  • Everyone's going through something.

  • Everyone's feeling something.

  • And if we can provide that human connection in this age, where everything so digital now, it means so much more than I think it did before.

growing up.


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