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  • We are highly engaged by this idea that there are kings in America.

  • Billions takes place in the highest echelon of finance.

  • The world these people live in is Wall Street, the Hamptons, the Connecticut suburbs.

  • And we absolutely want the show to have a cinematic feel.

  • I tell you to keep it a little more low key was more located Me.

  • We all know what a millionaire looks like.

  • What is the life of a billionaire?

  • It's very important for us to bring in a helicopter to bring in a yacht to bring in a really expensive cars because they signify well that no one else really have.

  • It's so nice.

  • So you know, one of the things that was important was creating a symmetry to the cinematography.

  • So making sure that everything is framed in a kind of formal way helps you feel the largeness of it.

  • The moment I like someone in a government office, tell me what I can or cannot buy.

  • I may as well close the shop, and I'm not closing the shop.

  • What interested me about designing these two characters is that there are polar opposites, everything in the world of axe capital is very clean and crisp and open to go against the evil hedge fund type door's always open.

  • Paul's character is much more hidden and or internal, so we wanted the district attorney's office to feel a little bit more like a bunker.

  • You're on your side.

  • I'm on mine.

  • Embodying that expensive cinematic vision with the clothing was very, very important.

  • When we're fitting the actions, we have everything.

  • Taylor down to the last minute show.

  • Everything has a couture element to it.

  • Like for Bobby, Axelrod becomes very blue collar background.

  • So we really kept him grounded when he dresses up in these in the suits for a punctuation mark.

  • But from day to day jeans and T shirt kind of Americana guy, it's across the other guy business.

  • Paul Giamatti's character.

  • We've had all these custom suit so that really feel very powerful without a lot of shoulder pads.

  • We've also done a lot of suspenders on him.

  • Also feeling is a nice and nod to what he likes his private life, which is a little bit of SNL.

  • You're in need of correction, aren't you?

  • We wanted the show to feel like you're experiencing a world that's much larger, and these characters air large.

  • I've never settle billions demonstrates the kind of lifestyle that these people could live.

  • But for us, what's really interesting is what is it that drives certain people toe, push themselves to achieve the kind of success that very few ever d'oh!

We are highly engaged by this idea that there are kings in America.


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