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  • We are all purveyors of dishonest truths hiding that which we are most afraid on.

  • DDE most ashamed What is real, You may ask Well, you are not alone.

  • We are all sinners in here We all have secrets that breathe lies in sincerity Ease that flow with flawless D's Hippocratic Oh, shall we say so?

  • Do not sit there uncomfortable denial and do not smile beneath an ugly beauty with gloating pride.

  • Add your duplicity.

  • We all suffer it.

  • The disease, the curse The in Cincy a face for all occasions.

  • Who are you?

  • Really?

  • Are you a word of the stranger you present to the world each day?

  • Do you ever stop on Dhe?

  • Search for the truth?

  • Probably not.

  • Have you ever considered why I will tell you why?

  • Because it does not exist.

  • It is nothing more than a fantasy in a world off the seat, each false True, There's only one more lie that sits up on a mountain off dissatisfaction and suffocating insecurities.

  • Ad meets it.

  • You are the great pretender on illusionist a Charlotte, A fake A fraud.

  • It does not sound pretty, does it?

  • Yazid?

  • Change is coming.

  • It will not knock on your door and politely ask, Can I come in?

  • It does not offer more off the same more secrets, More lives.

  • No.

  • This is a different kind of Jane.

  • For now, we will just call made conscience.

  • Have you?

  • I told him everything.

  • Have you?

  • And how about you?

  • Yes, You, Mr Arm.

  • So fucking smart.

  • Only your silence.

  • The exhausted silence of Oh, I can hear it.

  • Your thoughts, that is.

  • Is it uncomfortable?

  • The feeling of powerlessness?

  • Helplessness, I mean Oh, don't I?

  • A seed growing rooted in the crevices of your mind.

  • The place that holds your scenes.

  • Your shame, your dark secrets that you dare not think for fear.

  • Yes.

  • Fear off what they will reveal.

  • Ah, you to get up and leave.

  • No, that would only expose you, wouldn't it?

  • I can hear it.

  • Yeah, uh, frightened.

  • What?

  • Something harder is the seed grows entwining each route phone only around your safe ace.

  • The vault that holds all of you choking each secret that Daz to reveal that which you hold most dear.

  • More dear than him then, huh?

  • Van Oh, precious.

  • I think he's sins and secrets.

  • The guilty pleasures of life as we like to call that.

  • No wonder we lie with such lubricated ese.

  • Can you remember the first lie you ever told?

  • Probably not.

  • By now there have bean far too many.

  • Now your life is nothing more than one big lie.

  • Speaking of big, what is your biggest lie?

  • Uh, better still.

  • Your darkest, most shameful secret.

  • But one that no Juan, No Juan.

  • No one knows change is coming and it's coming for you a man.

We are all purveyors of dishonest truths hiding that which we are most afraid on.


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変化は訪れる|影の詩人|TEDxUoChester (Change is Coming | Shadow Poet | TEDxUoChester)

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