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  • CEOs and HR directors.

  • I know what you're thinking.

  • The best way to get your people to perform better at work is the focus on that one metric that everyone talks about employee engagement.

  • So employee engagement becomes that not start, that everyone is trying to drive that.

  • But here's where we trip up and we make a mistake.

  • I was talking to Bill Jensen, the author of Future Work, and I asked Bill Jensen if you could see 10 years into the future, how would the nature of the workplace change?

  • And this is what Bill told me, he said.

  • Vision companies will stop demanding that they are people be engaged solely in the company of vision.

  • And instead companies will also be engaged in the art influence vision for themselves.

  • Now I have that conversation with Bill five years ago, so we are potentially five years into his predicted future.

  • This is what it's going to look like.

  • We have started making this become really cos that follow.

  • These practices are seeing a massive transformation in how they're people show up in revenue and profit.

  • But employees in retention and in all the metrics that contribute to incredible workspace culture.

  • It starts like this.

  • We have to understand the people no longer just take jobs so that they earn a paycheck.

  • The United States today has near maxed out unemployment.

  • The best people get to choose where they want to work and the best people they have.

  • Visions for the art life.

  • What if companies can for by the meats, where employees can actually create a plan for the vision?

  • This could be a one hour training, or some companies do a four day training for life book, and its employees go deep in the vision.

  • They gained immense clarity on who they want to be in life, but they also gave deeper connections with each other.

  • A key concept here is that not only are we giving people inspiring visions to pursue that we're getting people closely connected so employees can collaborate in supporting each other.

  • When this happens, so many remarkable things stopped to take place, and a study by Gallop off 10 million employees said that when employees answer yes to the following question, my supervisor or someone at work cares about me as a person.

  • Every metric off their performance shoots up, so the key here is empowering your employees to come up with a vision for the R life by bringing in the right protocols into a business and creating an environment where you're not just demanding that your people are obsessed with the company vision, but you're giving people clarity of vision.

  • Hope Gold's for the our own life.

  • Would you do this?

  • The best People stay with you If you want to know more about mine Valley Solutions, go to mind dolly dot com forward slash business or write to better teams at my gun dot com.

CEOs and HR directors.


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