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  • And when we focus on the impact here at home, the death toll in the UK is sadly rising sharply.

  • So let's bring in ABC.

  • Is Maggie ruling in London?

  • Maggie.

  • It was horrific day, particularly in Spain and France today.

  • Hey, Alan, did the numbers across Europe just keep being staggering?

  • You mentioned Spain, that country today in the last 24 hours, 950 deaths from this virus, the total death toll there now topping 10,000.

  • It's not just staying in France.

  • Also, death tolls are spiking.

  • That country now has seen more deaths from the virus than all the reported deaths in China.

  • Here in the UK, numbers also rising as well.

  • We've seen back to back days of more than 500 deaths from Kobe in 19 and Lindsay.

  • What's so shocking for me?

  • It's striking the fact that these types of numbers and these would have been front headlines just last week, but now it seems like they almost become commonplace.

  • We're getting used to the fact that hundreds of people are dying in these countries every single day from this virus.

  • But Maggie, at least it seems that there are some signs some hopeful signs in Italy, which just a few weeks ago was the world wide epicenter of this crisis.

  • Yeah, we're all looking towards Italy right now, Lindsay again.

  • There are a few weeks ahead of us that's believed in this crisis.

  • Unfortunately, death pool there is still significant.

  • They had more than 700 deaths in that country today, But there are some glimmers of hope.

  • Two things in particular.

  • One We're looking at the percentage that this virus is increasing, and in Italy it's been fairly stable.

  • So we haven't seen that exponential rides on Lee then in the single digits now for the past two weeks as an incredibly good sign, maybe reaching that plateau.

  • But the other thing I want to emphasize Lindsey is that they were seeing a much smaller number of people that are needing.

  • I see you bet, while they still have a long way to go, that's an incredibly hopeful number, and hopefully something that, as we are starting this process of being in lock down, can look towards them potentially our future, and so that maybe there is a a light at the end of this tunnel.

  • Certainly some positive news there.

  • And today the head of the World Health Organization announced new data about the deaths in Europe.

  • What did we learn?

  • You know, this is interesting.

  • Linsey Everyone wants to know how Coben, 19 is affecting people who it's affecting.

  • The World Health Organization just announced that the deaths so far in Europe 95% of them have been in people who are over the age of 60.

  • That is incredibly significant.

  • But they also said something else is that they don't want complacency and younger people.

  • They said this virus is still affecting younger people affected them seriously, especially if anyone has any underlying conditions.

  • We're also hearing stories of some young people with no underlying conditions that have sadly died from this virus.

  • So while that is a staggering percentage, it's also not a reason to get complacent.

  • They remind young people they can also be carriers of this virus.

  • So while they announced these statistics, they do remind people to take the lock down seriously and say we're still just the beginning, Lindsay.

  • Just at the beginning.

  • Sadly.

  • All right, Maggie.

  • Really.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • The ABC News After breaking news alerts Thanks for watching.

And when we focus on the impact here at home, the death toll in the UK is sadly rising sharply.


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