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  • I think it'll be a blast of modern warfare.

  • Three.

  • Have a seat, son.

  • Take a couple notes that need on when I get my free gone.

  • The obsolete Paul battlefield slapping is an occupation like I was tired of saying it because I cannot.

  • Lineup puts his whole gold with a lady.

  • Don't touch talk coop.

  • It's something I don't play.

  • We speak in the booth.

  • Take a dump when you have known around the King of CD from the beginning, all the way to modern warfare.

  • Three.

  • Pulled chicken headshots Battlefield still sitting alone in a steel plate.

  • Get incredibly bored.

  • I have everything I need.

  • Thank you.

  • It's not a battle.

  • It's a night.

  • All right, battlefield this model three studios of Affinity Board.

  • You gotta pick a side of you before it's not a game.

  • It's an FBS Infinity.

  • Ward missed that memo again.

  • I guess I bet right now they're making cotton for and it's the same freaking game is off the others before shot.

  • One shot kills reason why Battlefield still kind of Dingle paces Microsoft bills, and I never rage.

  • Quit because I'm totally chilled, but snipers and hate and I want an Oscar from a skills killed cannon chaining Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • You're all incredibly kind of wanna Thank God all these news get You wanna see a trick shot?

  • Government surprise.

  • Try to do that battle.

  • You won't have any luck with that.

  • It's not a rap battle.

  • It's a night train headed your way.

  • See you to the battlefield Di Studio Infinity.

  • You gotta pick a side.

  • God, I'm not world woman.

  • It belong in the keychains.

  • Unrealistic.

  • Perfect.

  • Little bit like a cage match between smoking and Hillary Clinton knows all about the love.

  • You don't get one because you're good.

  • You get because you saw a desktop on a resolution.

  • People better go because I'm like C o d that'll feel on my bed and sandwiches being about a jelly Insists speaking the Children.

  • Are you jealous of me?

  • We broke records.

  • Re specimen.

  • Two dots on the letter while you were overrated.

  • Way first Perfect Something Battlefields A 50.

  • Wait.

  • It's not a rap battle.

  • It's a nice ball headed right battlefield.

  • This is worth three studios of infinity board.

  • You gotta pick a side you fighting for?

  • This is war.

  • This is as real as it gets Call the duty and battlefield.

  • Which game is the best?

  • You get one shot.

I think it'll be a blast of modern warfare.


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