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  • Good morning, Hank.

  • It's Tuesday greetings from an undisclosed location where they're filming the Looking for Alaska, who will show its question Tuesday that it that I answer real questions from real nerd fighters.

  • Let's get right to it.

  • What would you nominate is the most overrated fruit for me, It's definitely of the loom.

  • I just think massively overrated.

  • Any good book recommendations?

  • I really enjoyed this biography of Rosalind Franklin, which I would show you, but it's currently part of my very complicated tripod set up.

  • It's not so much a tripod as it is a sculpture, but anyway, there's the biography of Rosalind Franklin.

  • How do you stay happy when so much of the news we hear about is bad?

  • Oh, I don't stay happy.

  • I get really angry and discouraged.

  • But I don't want to be like merely angry and discouraged because I don't think that reflects the whole human story.

  • Like a lot of people got married today and wonderful babies were born.

  • God, I love babies.

  • I mean, not enoughto have another one, but in the abstract.

  • My point is that lots of people made their like best ever memories.

  • Today, human life is vast and it contains multitudes, and I don't want to essential eyes it into a one narrative or another.

  • What is your Myers Briggs personality type, and does it happen to be I n f P?

  • I don't really believe in personality tests, but it is nonetheless very impressive that you correctly guessed my Myers Briggs result.

  • What's the best thing that happened to you in the last week?

  • Meeting all the actors and seeing all the sets for the Looking for Alaska show has been really amazing.

  • Also, Vulture named the Anthropocene reviewed one of their favorite podcasts, which was cool.

  • But the best thing that happened to me this week was that my kids and I planted peas in the garden.

  • I'm very excited for my peas.

  • What are you planning in the garden this year?

  • Lots of stuff.

  • How did you quit smoking with nicotine gum?

  • The hard part was actually quitting the nicotine gum.

  • What song makes you cry?

  • Sometimes I cry when I listen to the best of her death metal band out of Denton by the mountain goats.

  • I keep finding spiders in my bedroom and bathroom, and my parents have told me they have no sympathy for my situation.

  • How do I get them to care Enough to help me get rid of these spiders.

  • So I think the most likely underlying issue here is that your parents maybe human shaped conglomerations of spiders.

  • In which case, I mean, of course, they're not going to kill their own kind.

  • So you just gotta live with your spider parents.

  • What's your favorite word right now, Herman?

  • Ooh, Ticks.

  • I don't really know what it means, but not never slowed me down.

  • If you could have the superpowers of any of the Avengers for a day, which would you choose?

  • Is there an Avenger who has the power to think about, like approximately what the response to an e mail should be, and then have a fully formed email appear in the composed box?

  • Because that one who's your favorite Catholic saint probably ST Francis.

  • Although if Sister Corita Kent were to be canonized, she would immediately become my favorite Catholic saint Has explained in this recent art assignment video Are you ever gonna write a new book?

  • I hope so.

  • Have you ever considered writing a memoir?

  • I sort of am monthly in the form of the Anthropocene reviewed over under or in between.

  • Through, as Robert Frost put it, the only way out is through.

  • All right, Hank, I have to go back to watching things that I imagined 15 years ago become visible.

  • I will see you on Friday.

Good morning, Hank.


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楽観主義と蜘蛛の民。アラスカセットを探してからの質問火曜日 (Optimism and Spider People: Question Tuesday from the Looking for Alaska Set)

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