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  • Welcome back, everybody.

  • You know, as much as we enjoy doing these shows for you right now, it could be hard to know what to discuss on a quarantine show.

  • Since there's really only one big story that everybody is talking about, Of course.

  • I mean the Netflix documentary Tiger King.

  • They're all centers on a bizarre former zoo owner named Joe Exotic.

  • He's the guy everyone is talking about.

  • And I am proud to say that we have managed to secure an exclusive interview.

  • Please welcome live from Grady County Jail, where he's currently serving 22 years worth of court ordered social distancing.

  • The Tiger King himself, Joe exotic.

  • Oh, well, thank you there, Mr Big Stephen to the ice cold beer.

  • I am thrilled to be on the show tonight, and I'm especially thrilled that I'm gonna be your musical guest and sing my new number One hit song.

  • A lager ate my shoes.

  • That's good to know.

  • But I was actually hoping to ask you some questions.

  • Oh, before we think Sure.

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • Okay.

  • Good, huh?

  • First, I think America wants to know.

  • How have you been since the release of the documentary?

  • I am so glad that you asked that little Stevie.

  • Gladly.

  • The cross I cold bare.

  • Let me tell you this.

  • It has been like a poop parade on Prune Avenue, and I am the dang rest about who got handed the pooper scooper.

  • Well, let me tell you something, sir.

  • Don't just within my food and call it Minister Tony Chris Maloney.

  • Okay, because I have been saying for many So Les Moonves to the fry that there is a great brain is gonna come a great line coming, and it's gonna be a purple running.

  • It's a troubling there's gonna have prints and it's gonna happen in purple people eaters.

  • And if you want to know something about people eaten, asked Carole Baskin.

  • So you're doing well.

  • Yes.

  • Great.

  • Yeah.

  • The series has sparked a lot of controversy.

  • Do you think you were actually portrayed by the filmmakers?

  • I am so glad that you asked that little Stevie B.

  • J and the Cold Americans.

  • Let me tell you this.

  • There has been a lot of funky rhubarb pit in the Ted Sarandos patch, and some of it pay for me to look like a chicken fried freak.

  • Iselin, who is crazier than downtown Encyclopedia Brown.

  • But let me tell you this That is just a colonel's 12 piece bucket of deep fried bologna backs.

  • Okay, I am actually a very down to earth, pistol packing double husband having bullet man with a lot of lot of aid.

  • And I love America's cigarettes.

  • So you think you were treated unfairly?

  • E other?

  • Yeah.

  • Have you actually been allowed to see the serious while in prison?

  • You know, I'm so glad you at that 1985 Chicago cold.

  • Tow the championship bears.

  • And let me tell you that No, I have not seen it because the Aryan Nation controls the remote control down and thought of the multi purpose room.

  • And so they have been binge watching reruns of the master singer, so I can't get anywhere close to it.

  • And I'm just up crap Creek with a pickle for a paddle in a bridge.

  • Democrat.

  • Okay.

  • Good to know that paints a picture, displaces change gears.

  • How have you been holding up during the current pandemic?

  • You know, we've been a little bit tough, but I have been able thio here the president's press conferences every day, and that doesn't make a lick of sense.

  • Well, thank you so much for being here, Joe.

  • Exotic.

  • And now we're gonna do my new number one hit song.

  • Yeah, let me get into my singing voice because it sounds a little different.

  • Ready?

  • Um, lager at Marsh.

  • Ooh, Who was?

  • And now I sing the blues for you.

  • I don't run any zoos for you.

  • When the library.

  • My shoe.

  • Who's too?

  • I'm afraid we're out of time.

  • Stay safe in there, Joe.

  • Exotic.

  • You know where I'm going out here?

Welcome back, everybody.


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"タイガーキング "ジョー・エキゾチックが刑務所からの脱獄を語る ("Tiger King" Joe Exotic Speaks Out From Jail)

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