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  • Hi there! I am Hilah, and welcome to Hilah Cooking. So one of the goals of our show is

  • to sort of go over the basics kind of cooking 101 if you will. So today I am going to show

  • you how to make scrambled eggs, super-duper easy, and it's a great thing to know how to

  • make if you want to make breakfast for yourself or you want to make breakfast tacos or any

  • number of things. So I will show you starting right now.

  • Okay, so basically all you need is eggs and butter. Some people like to add milk or water

  • to their eggs, personally I don't really notice the difference when I do that, so you can

  • do it. I don't know. I think maybe the extra liquid just helps you break up the egg more

  • better. I don't really know. I have heard explanations, but I don't necessarily believe

  • it. Anyway, it is important to get some air mixed into your eggs, so when you beat them,

  • you can use a fork. I am gonna use a whisk because it's kind of more fun, but you just

  • want to do it a lot, and it starts to turn sort of a lighter yellow, a lemon yellow.

  • Get in there air! Get frothy on me. Then we add a little salt and pepper and we

  • ready to cook. All right, let that pre-heat while I get my S&P in there, that's salt and

  • pepper, and mix that up again, and another very important thing when you're making eggs

  • is to use the proper sized pan. Since I just have two eggs here, I am using my little baby

  • skillet because I don't want them all spread out and then you end up with sort of a, they

  • cook to fast, and then you get sort of tough eggs. So I want them to cook slow and kind

  • of deep, and I've got on our high heat right now while the butter melts, and the butter

  • is going to melt, and then it's gonna kind of fill them up a little bit, and that's when

  • I know it's hot enough it will start to bubble. One final wham-bam and then I am gonna pour

  • my eggs in. Okay, now don't stir them right away. Let

  • them acclimate to their new environment. Turn your heat down to medium-low, and it's starting

  • to cook around the edges here, but I don't want to mess with it just yet. Now I do. I

  • am using a rubber/silicone spatula. You can use a metal spatula because I want to be gentle

  • with my baby eggs. Now I can start stirring them a little more vigorously to break up

  • the little clumps, and when they're, I like my eggs fully done, but you want to take them

  • off before they are to the point of your liking, so like this looks, turn that heat off and

  • just keep stirring them around for just a few more seconds. You don't want to overcook,

  • and then there. They still look a little moist and ready to plate.

  • Go ahead and get them on my plate and perfectly cooked, scrambled eggs. All right, see here

  • we have large curds that are still moist and delicious and fluffy. Mmmmm! Perfect. There

  • you have it. Perfectly cooked eggs. Check out for more episodes and

  • recipes and I will see you later on the flipside probably.

Hi there! I am Hilah, and welcome to Hilah Cooking. So one of the goals of our show is


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