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  • oil is essential to our everyday life.

  • In 2019 we used up 100 million barrels just like this every day, mostly to fuel the cars, planes and ships that move us and our goods around the world.

  • Then there's a fair bit that goes into power generation, heating buildings and other industrial uses.

  • So what about the rest of it?

  • This is where our oil dependency becomes even less visible because, honestly, it goes into all kinds of stuff.

  • If you refine the oil, you get products that go into making petro chemicals, such as s early on properly Pet Thames Aaron, everything from plastic bags, toothbrushes and food packaging to detergents, paint, cosmetics and mattress phones.

  • More than 16% of oil demand will be for non combusted uses.

  • Like these alone on a big share of that is put into single use plastics.

  • This is definitely an area we can cut back on in here.

  • There's about to pass the consumption if our video team is anything to go by.

  • Most societies are starting to take reciting seriously, at least in the West.

  • On benders everywhere are promising to use less plastic, but this isn't the whole story.

  • Petro chemicals used in clothes High street retailers make and sell huge amounts of synthetic materials on a whole other branch called aromatics are essential for drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen.

  • Oil is in our medicines now.

  • Making these products isn't quite the same is burning fossil fuels as we doing cars, but they do cause pollution hazards off their own and to manage plastic waste.

  • It's often incinerated, releasing carbon dioxide emissions at that 0.2.

  • This is why we need to be honest with ourselves about how embedded oil is into what everyday life experts say.

  • We'll have to curb our addiction to oil if we're going to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

  • But kicking our habit is going to take more than just changing the cars we drive.

oil is essential to our everyday life.


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石油中毒が車や飛行機だけの問題ではない理由|FT (Why our oil addiction is not just about cars and planes | FT)

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