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  • Today, we're witnessing a historic shift in the nature of cyber crime.

  • Contrary to stereotypes, modern hackers are organized and professional, working regular hours and offices and collaborating through anonymous networks.

  • This is enabled them to extract more value from increasingly sophisticated large scale attacks, compromising 61 million records in 2014 alone and impacting the global economy by up to half a trillion dollars per year.

  • Yet most companies still take a reactive and proprietary approach to security, fencing off their networks and being reluctant to even disclose when a breach occurs.

  • Cyber crime is a worldwide threat affecting not just banks and governments, but nonprofits, activists and the general public.

  • To contain its impact, we all need to work together.

  • Tuck industry must enact higher security standards while governments should provide incentives.

  • Were organizations to share knowledge about attacks as individuals, we need to be much more selective about the information we share and how well we protect.

  • It, especially is the number of APS and connected devices continues to grow.

  • Combating organized cybercrime doesn't just make us safer.

Today, we're witnessing a historic shift in the nature of cyber crime.


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組織化されたサイバー犯罪との戦い (Combating Organized Cybercrime)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日