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  • How can something this big be invisible?

  • The ozone is everywhere, and yet it is invisible.

  • Maybe if we saw it, we would see it's not invincible and have to take responsibility as individuals.

  • How can something this big be invisible?

  • If it's all around us, it should show itself on pure principle.

  • The scientists are claiming that the damage is residual and climate change data's reaching levels that are critical.

  • Yet somehow that's political.

  • We argue over math.

  • Our citizens are too cynical to believe in facts.

  • We make excuses and hold on to the recent past.

  • We don't want to sacrifice.

  • We refused.

  • I grew up in the city.

  • All I have a new so even now I have nothing to compare it to.

  • I have to hit the park to see more than a tree or two.

  • I have to visit nature like it's in a freakin zoo.

  • But California was while before the parking lots before the mass malls before designer shops before the strip clubs before the sea change with mountain lions roam freely over freeways before the fast food before the freeze frames.

  • We live around a bunch of dead things.

  • These day is not an argument, For better or worse, it's an observation on how we've been treating Mother Earth, and we always seem to mistreat the ones we love first.

  • But if valiant arrive will be human beings first, and then we'll do anything to defend our home turf, we would fight to the death for the planet that we heard.

  • See, we protect what is ours.

  • My land, my life, my house, my kids, my job, my wife, my dog, my car, my country, my culture.

  • But when it comes to nature, our perspective is external.

  • The planet, the forced, the ocean.

  • Disguise the mountains.

  • The valley's always the Never mind.

  • If it's not me, never mind.

  • I'm too busy all the time on without the ownership, we ignore the warning signs.

  • Just look at all the species on the planet that are dying.

  • The coral reefs.

  • The honeybees mysteriously died 1/4 of all the mammals that exist to die.

  • Ah, third of all amphibians are at the risk of dying Warren, a path the mass extinction.

  • It's almost like we're trying because we're relying on an atmosphere that we've been frying.

  • I could use more statistics, but you probably think I'm lying because over half the politicians we elect deny them Well, since when did your opinions outweigh the science?

  • I thought experiments were fundamentally unbiased.

  • Capitalism uses nature as its example and excuse for competition.

  • The only problem is we've removed it from the ecosystem.

  • Profit and balance in the market are attainable.

  • But growth without a conscience is completely unsustainable.

  • A lion doesn't kill all the gazelles.

  • Why do we have to have it all to ourselves?

  • Pretty soon there'll be nothing left but concrete and cars.

  • And when you see an animal, it'll be like a movie star.

  • Deep Planet Deep forced the ocean thief skies the mountains.

  • The valley's always the Never mind If it's not me, never mind.

  • I'm too busy all the time on without the ownership we ignore the warning signs.

  • Our planet are forced.

  • Our ocean, our skies, our mountains.

  • Our valley is always weak.

  • Always mind my planet.

  • My force, my ocean, my skies, my mountains, my valleys.

  • Always we always mine Always me always yours one little dot in trillions of star one little dot It's all that we've got.

  • We just forgot that none of it's ours.

How can something this big be invisible?


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