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  • before this began, I was called a hugger from his closet.

  • Kris Maddox is calling himself the crisis crooner.

  • He's writing parody songs to some of the greatest hits, like Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, You great Go Hee dreamed a dream from Lamy's social distancing is fine.

  • Kids are good.

  • They're inside me Sweet Caroline is 20 Seconds would be so good.

  • Neil Diamond actually started the rewrite to his 1969 hit Russian reaching Okay, Don't touch me, I won't touch you And then we're finished the rest.

  • Now look at my wife.

  • She's got that desperate longing to see her friends and family e I got.

  • How long did it take you to write this up?

  • Shall we say, take about two hours to write it and then picked about another two hours to make it good?

  • Chris, who's from the San Diego area, gives us a tour of his fancy recording studio.

  • As you can see, this is how the mad Captain Rigg much to get a pretty instagram influencers, which I am not I've got is the light in the mountains.

  • I've got my lyric with the you know that all that happened so far he's written six Corona virus songs totally gives me a purpose in a focus and something trees to do that I love and enjoy.

  • And my friends and family directly respond to it and are happy and are telling me like this made my day, Keeps me lapping here Inside was safe.

  • Here is way.

  • Got a lot of messaging around physical health.

  • I'm trying to maybe be a little light in the darkness around mental health Jones singing for our sanity Out.

  • Don't touch me!

  • Oh, touch shops for inside edition dot com 20 seconds would be so good.

before this began, I was called a hugger from his closet.


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ニール・ダイアモンドの「スウィート・キャロライン」パロディ曲をパパが仕上げる (Dad Finishes Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ Parody Song)

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