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  • This is the seller.

  • This is the buyer.

  • This is the middle men.

  • Cutting out the middle man can be a great thing unless you're the middleman.

  • And there are a lot of middlemen or intermediaries out.

  • Their entire industries, such as payments or securities clearing, have evolved to rely on them.

  • Why?

  • Because they established trust, whether is none.

  • They establish ownership that the seller has the right to sell, what's being sold, their test to history.

  • That there is a clean transaction history on.

  • They certify ability that the buyer has the money to buy it all Pretty critical details.

  • When you don't know the person on the other side of the transaction, intermediaries know in trust one another, their business is based on it, so they have more to lose than game from breaching that trust.

  • But what if there were a better, cheaper middlemen, one that didn't add as much cost complexity and chance for error?

  • There might be it's cold block chain, and it has the potential to disrupt the entire ecology of intermediaries.

  • It's a distributed ledger that relies on large networks of computers that redundantly encode transaction data by solving complex mathematical equations the secure ledger provides an inviolable record.

  • If the history of an instrument is incorruptible and available to all parties, there's no need for 1/3 party to vouch.

  • Blockchain is proof of ownership, history and ability in non centralized, encrypted form.

  • It's fast, transparent and free of error.

  • The question is not whether block chains can cut out the middlemen in complex transactions, but rather which middlemen and when.

This is the seller.


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ブロックチェーンと仲介者|TED Institute (Blockchain and the Middleman | TED Institute)

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