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  • The most powerful writing often

  • comes from confronting taboos.


  • All those subjects relate to many people who have no outlet.

  • As a writer, if one can face the darkest elements in oneself

  • and the things that are secret, you

  • have such a feeling of power.

  • In this class, you're going to be

  • exploring your own imagination deep within you.

  • And we're going to begin with shorter forms,

  • because short stories, short monologues, poetry, things

  • that you can finish and show other people--

  • that's very satisfying and necessary for a writer.

  • What we all need is the satisfaction

  • of this little uplift that we get psychologically

  • from finishing something.

  • There are two ways of looking at writing.

  • One way is that you're telling a story very transparently.

  • The other is that you're telling a story with language,

  • and-- and language is the point.

  • How fast do you want your story to read?

  • If it reads too fast, then it might be superficial.

  • A person reads it in five minutes, it's all over.

  • So we're also going to be exploring a writing workshop.

  • Writers are like cooks that--

  • they keep everything in the refrigerator

  • and put it all in the casserole.

  • Like, what doesn't go in for dinner tonight,

  • well, it's going to show up next Sunday.

  • So your story has a few too many bits in it.

  • I've always felt that art is the highest

  • expression of the human spirit.

  • Art is the way that we communicate with one another.

  • So if anyone who's listening to me

  • feels that he or she is a writer, you probably are.

  • Everybody has at least one story to tell.

  • Writing should be pleasurable.

  • It should be fun.

  • It should be exploratory.

  • You should be writing about things that surprise you.

  • I think that is the instinct for all kinds of art.

  • All you need to do, really, is to take that instinct

  • and transform it into a craft.

  • I'm Joyce Carol Oates, and this is my MasterClass.

The most powerful writing often


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ジョイス・キャロル・オーツが教える短編小説の芸術|公式予告編|マスタークラス (Joyce Carol Oates Teaches the Art of the Short Story | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

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