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  • hailing four and black ops, too, but I only have $60.

  • That means I can only get one.

  • Started out playing Halo Streets to see if d love how it felt calling in kill streaks.

  • But back in my mind, I always thought of the chief canal.

  • Halo blew up in the m L G here.

  • Now sit here mid November new games reliefs and not can't remember the last time off.

  • So excited, but I'm not sure which one will be buying fun.

  • But Rich should I purchase.

  • Should I go with the Oh hey, from all that I have seen on Black say C D's the news.

  • It's been all game camp in shoot new tubes.

  • Confidence.

  • A halo play is a map because our game is fun and their game is bad.

  • Now, to be honest, sailor takes more skill, but call the duties.

  • Fast paced means more kills.

  • I'm not trying to start a game warden just till I really won both games, but I don't have enough.

  • Bill got fun.

  • So Halo three but Ridge one.

  • Should I purchase shootout with Theo?

  • Hey, from all that I have seen, Betrayal makes a great game on black ops.

  • New will shine.

  • I have $60.

  • Which one?

  • Which ones that buy?

  • I miss the br on this playing.

  • Hey, you really suck.

  • But you really screwed in a But see these fun?

  • I love all the guns.

  • I just need help picking up.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Blackout?

  • Which one should from all that great game Blithe What?

  • Our boys and girls, pal Bryce, I want to thank you for watching this video.

  • If you enjoyed it, please consider leaving an alike and adding it to your favorites.

  • You could find it again in the future.

  • Also, leave a comment below which game is gonna be more popular.

  • Your call of duty black ops to Taylor for Thanks for watching your eyes, is I?

hailing four and black ops, too, but I only have $60.


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SONG: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4 - by BrySi Bieber (パロディ) (SONG: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4 - by BrySi Bieber (Parody))

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