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  • the Tesla model free.

  • Yeah, it's a decent car.

  • They sold a few 100,000 of them, but frankly, it's had things its own way for far too long.

  • What we need is another all electric mass market saloon capable of over 300 miles on a charge with properly punchy performance.

  • Which is where this the post are, too.

  • Fits it.

  • Time for a quick recap.

  • Pole stars Roots are in touring car racing stretching as far back as the late nineties.

  • But since 2009 it's been producing tweaked versions of Volvos, Road Cars and in 2015 was bought entirely by Volvo to be launched, a standalone electric performance brand, fruits of which we're seeing here today.

  • Let's start with the facts, shall we?

  • This is a new electric, four wheel drive, five door, fast back.

  • According to Pollstar, it has a range of 311 miles from its 78 kilowatt hour battery pack produces 402 horsepower, and we do not 60 in under five seconds.

  • Now compare that to the Tesla model.

  • Three will drive long range version.

  • That's not the more powerful performance version, by the way, anyway, that has a W L T P certified range of 338 miles from its 74 kilowatt hour factory pack produces 341 brake horsepower will do naught to 60 in 5.1 seconds.

  • Looks like someone's been studying Tesla's spec sheets because those numbers are virtually identical, as is the price.

  • Both cost around 60,000 euros.

  • Or the pop star like Tesler claims a cheaper 40,000 euro model will follow a year later.

  • What will have to sway customers tossing up between a Tessler and this is the design.

  • Now the clever dicks out there will have spotted that this thing is basically an evolution of the Volvo 40.2 concept we saw way back in 2016 but with a couple of choice changes.

  • The first is this.

  • The full whip like Bart of the back, and the second is it's now got wing mirrors, but not any a wing mirrors.

  • These are pink tinted post our frameless wing mirrors, the smaller and more aerodynamically efficient the front end.

  • There's definitely a Persian 0508 quality to it, which isn't necessarily about thing, and you have also noticed.

  • It's got a bit of a race stunts.

  • Bear with me.

  • This makes more sense than you think.

  • If you want to maintain the car's ground clearance on Dhe, maintain its interior space, but then also put a massive slab of batteries under the floor.

  • Well, this is just what you end up with.

  • They're not pandering toe SUV fashion here.

  • It's just logic.

  • Pollstar hasn't forgotten its racing routes, either.

  • An optional performance pack adds Olin's dampers that could be manually adjusted Brembo brakes and 20 inch four wheels.

  • It also adds gold valve caps and gold seatbelts to let your friends know you've got the fast one inside.

  • It really is genuinely different toe current Volvos, and it's dominated by this 11 inch portrait tablet in the middle of the dash here, Volvo, By the way, it makes do with nine inches, although Tessler is way out in front with its 15 inch hopper moving on.

  • The really exciting thing is this is the first car to run entirely on Google's android operating system.

  • What does that mean?

  • Well, it means you've got Google maps for satin.

  • Have you can use Google's voice a system it's always connected to the Internet so you can do Tesler style over the air updates.

  • In terms of the layout, it's super simple.

  • This is a dummy screen, but you can see here it's split into 4/4 4 tiles, which means you got a good chance of prodding what you want while you're driving along the digital instrument cluster again.

  • It's stripped back.

  • It's minimalist.

  • It only gives you what you want, which is speed on battery charge, and that's it.

  • Now this is designed to be an affordable cars made out of steel, not fancy carbon fibre.

  • But still, it's plenty of clever design touches here in the interior.

  • The sent to console up there appears to be floating slightly in this illuminated underneath.

  • On up there, you've got an illuminated post our logo that projects onto this big panoramic roof up it and get this my plant based friends.

  • This interior is entirely 100% vegan.

  • No animal products were used in its making.

  • You can have the auction of leather, of course, if you have a heart of stone.

  • Other cool features include the fact that you can use your phone as a key, so as long as it's in your pocket, you're in and you're away on as you'll notice here, actual adult humans can fit in the back here.

  • Yeah, that's the future.

  • So that's the two you can order one now with production starting in early.

  • 2020.

  • The free a Tesla Model X rivaling electric SUV or following 2021.

  • But that's right, maths fans.

  • There's also a pole star won a super G T rival to the BMW eight, Siri's and Aston D B 11 which isn't all electric.

  • It's a plug in hybrid, unlike most plug in hybrids, where you get an electric range of about 30 miles.

  • With this, you get 100 miles before you trouble the four sender petrol engine under the bonnet.

  • Fire that up and you get almost 600 horsepower in total, half of which comes from that supercharged and turbocharged engine that drives the front wheels.

  • The rest comes from two electric motors on the rear axle and 1/3 on the crank, not 62 takes less than four seconds, so it's quick, properly quick, and it's light too well, light and then you might think, because the chassis is reinforced with carbon fiber and all the panels a carbon fiber to it weighs about 200 kilograms less than it would if it was made from the same stuff as the Volvo S 90.

  • It uses a cut down version of the S nineties SP, a platform with 320 millimeters lopped off the wheel base and another 200 millimeters from the rear overhang.

  • The Kina Volvo ites out there will also spot is pretty much an exact replica of the Volvo concept coupe A from 2013.

  • To be honest, though, I'm not that worried about numbers or who's been plundering the Volvo concept car archives because, well, just look at it.

  • I worry a little bit that people might struggle with the pole star to semi SUV stunt, but this thing, it just looks undeniably beautiful from any angle.

  • Except perhaps, if you're looking at the price list, only around 1500 of these will be built over three years of 600 of those sold, already costing 155,000 euros each, which is, let's be honest, a fair whack more than a BMW M five, which has similar performance.

  • The thing is Pollstar doesn't necessarily want a big, sweaty gym bag full of your cash.

  • It's going to exclusively sell pole stars online on with the offer of a subscription star model.

  • So a one off monthly payment that covers absolutely everything apart from your fuel and charging a bit like a mobile phone.

  • Then just really big one with wheels.

  • Hats off to post.

  • Although realized the electric revolution isn't just about electric cars, it's about changing the way we buy and own them, too.

the Tesla model free.


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