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  • 50 Half 100.

  • Like, right now you're talking to, uh, nobody.

  • Arts are sales market.

  • Morgan, let me see your phone.

  • Not that phone that you work for.

  • You're a real phone.

  • This is an offshore number.

  • What is this?

  • A guy?

  • An analyst?

  • The fucking antique.

  • A country called All right.

  • It's my booking.

  • Unmarked.

  • I'm calling this right now.

  • Don't, Please.

  • No, don't, don't.

  • Who the fuck are you talking to?

  • It's like my girlfriend from high school.

  • I didn't have the heart to raise her number.

  • She's so sweet and just e, you have to stop calling me.

  • Everyone here is unnoticed.

  • Everything you do will be picked apart until I discover who is on the level on who's a fucking quisling.

50 Half 100.


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ビリオンズ|「ここにいるみんなが注目している」公式クリップ|シーズン1 第8話 (Billions | 'Everyone Here Is On Notice' Official Clip | Season 1 Episode 8)

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