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  • Hi, everyone.

  • Today I'm going to introduce you to submit, not see a 50 dot io, which is CIA fifties new tools for managing student submissions and viewing the results of automated correctness and style testing.

  • Submit Nazis 50 dot io will first enable you to create a course online, then add students to that course via an invitation link.

  • Then view student submissions for that course for any problems that you want to track as part of the course.

  • In addition to viewing those submissions, you'll also be able to view the results of Check 50 which will perform automated correctness testing on student submissions as well.

  • A style 50 which will perform automated style testing on students emissions as well.

  • In addition, submit Nazi 50 dot io will enable you to download scores for those individual problems, too.

  • So what are the steps to actually create a course on Submit Nazi?

  • A 50 dot io.

  • The first thing you'll do is go to submit dot CS 50 dot io slash courses slash knew.

  • In order to create a new course.

  • From there, you'll be able to add slugs for which problems you want to show submissions for for that course.

  • After that, you'll be able to create an invitation link that you can then share with students.

  • And you can create invitation links for other teachers as well.

  • If you like other teachers to be able to manage the course, too, let's take a look at this now and actually see what it looks like to create a course on submit dot CS 50 data the first time you go to submit dot see a 50 dot io.

  • You'll be presented with a page where you'll need to authorize the CS 50 submit application submit.

  • Don't see a 50 dot io uses, get hub to allow you and to allow students to log in views emissions and be the results of those submissions.

  • So when you get to this page, go ahead and click on the authorized CS 50 button, and that will take you to the main page of Submit, not see a 50 dot io.

  • From there, you can go to submit dot CS 50 dot io slash courses slash knew, which will take you to a page where you can create a new course on submit dot CS 50 dot io.

  • Go ahead and type in the name of a course, for example, my CS 50 AP course and click on the create button to actually go ahead and create that course.

  • Once you do, you'll be taken to the Core Settings Page, where you'll see here the name of the course, along with the courses I.

  • D.

  • Number.

  • And beneath that, you'll see an invitation like this is an invitation link that you should share with students.

  • When students click on that invitation link, they'll be able to join.

  • Your course is a student of the course.

  • So, for example, if I take this invitation link and switch now to a student account, they have them go to submit Nazis.

  • 50 dot io slash invites slashed that invitation link.

  • They'll be presented with a page where they will now see that they've been invited to join the CS 50 AP course.

  • They'll need to check the check box, indicating that they understand that they're granting access to the teachers of the course to see any of the submissions of they submit to the course, and the student can then click the green join correspondent to join your CS 50 Ap course.

  • Now you as the teacher also have the ability to indicate which slugs you want to keep track of them as part of this course.

  • In other words, which problems do you want to track submissions for?

  • And also see the results of check 50 and style 54 So I could press the plus button, for example, and out a problem like CS 50 slash 2019 or see a 50 slash problems slash 2019 slash ap slash hello, for instance, as one of them.

  • But these don't need to be entire branch names.

  • They can also just be the prefix of any of the slugs that you actually care about tracking so would be totally fine.

  • For example, to just say CS 50 problems 2019 AP in order to have your course track all of the CSF the AP problems for 2019.

  • If you've written problems of your own, you can also add your own slugs.

  • To.

  • Here is well by saying something like your own username slash problems slash wherever you stored your problems.

  • And if you're interested in learning about how to create custom problems that can be tracked on submit, not see, a $50 home and correctness tested using check 50 go to see a 50 dot read the doc's Done io slash check 50 For more details about how to do that, going back to the Settings page on submit dot CS 50 Dead Bio.

  • In addition to the slugs, you'll also notice a place where you can add additional teachers to the course.

  • If you click the green plus button at the bottom here, you'll be given another invitation link that you can give to other teachers of your course.

  • If you would like other staff to be able to see the results of students emissions and also view, check 50 and submit 50 results as well.

  • Let's take a look now at what commands students might run in order to interact with problems in your course, they can first run check 50 followed by a particular slug name.

  • In order to check the correctness of their code for a particular problem, they're also able to run style 50 followed by the name of a file in order to check the style of the coat in order to get some suggestions for how they can modify the file to improve its style, and finally, when students are done working on their code, they can submit it by running Submit 50 followed by a slug name in orderto actually submit their work.

  • So let's take a look now at an example of that, to see how this works in practice.

  • Here, for example, is a student's CIA 50 i.

  • D.

  • Where the student has been working on the Mario problem.

  • When the students done working on the problem and it's ready to submit it, they'll run.

  • Submit 50 followed by the slug that uniquely identifies this problem in this case, see a 50 problems 2019 AP Mario slash less The Senate will press return, and then they'll be prompted to sign in with their get hub user name and password.

  • They'll type in there, get abuse her name and then they get a password.

  • And after that, once they agreed to the courses policy on academic honesty, their code will be uploaded to get hub, where you'll then be able to access it via submit dot CS 50 donna once their submission is complete.

  • Now let's take a look at what this looks like from the teacher perspective.

  • Once you've added the slugs that you want to keep track of, like CS 50 problems 2019 AP and confirmed it by clicking on the ad button that will appear to the right.

  • You'll then be able to click on the course submissions button at the top of the page, which will take you to all of the submissions for this particular course.

  • Here, we'll see Hero the submissions for Mario Less, for example, and you'll see a number of submissions.

  • Student 50 for example, has submitted this assignment multiple times, so you see multiple submissions there as well, and you'll see another student who's also submitted This assignment to what you can do now is you'll see these buttons called Check 50 and Style 50 which will take you to a page where you'll be able to view the results of their correctness tests and their style tests.

  • So if we hear, click on the check, 50 button will be taken to a pager or we can see the results of the students check 50 run, where we've run some automated tests against their submission, and it looks like in this case they've passed all the tests.

  • Meanwhile, we can also do the same thing by clicking on the style 50 button To see the results of Style 50 which automatically check students code for style.

  • You'll notice that red are areas where style 50 would want the student to remove some space, for example, and green are places where style 50 would want the student toe.

  • Add some white spaces or break things up into multiple lines, for example, so you'll be able to see all of these results right from submit dot CS 50 dot io.

  • You might also want to download this information as well, and so you can just click on this export button to download all of this data as a CIA file, too.

  • How does this all actually work?

  • Well, when a student is running CS 50 i d or even running on their own computer and they run, Submit 50.

  • The result is that submit 50 pushes students code to get up.

  • After that, get Hub will inform submit dot CS 50 dino of the fact that there was a new push and submit dot CS 50 dot io will take care of starting to run the automated correctness and style testing as well where You'll then be ableto log in to submit dot CS 50 dot io.

  • Click on your course and view all of the submissions for all of your students in that course, as well as download their code and download the results of the automated correctness and style testing as well.

  • So that submit dot CS 50 dot io, a tool that will make it easier for you to collect student submissions and also assess them for correctness and style.

  • Automatically, we hope you enjoy using the tool and definitely feel free to be in touch if you have any questions.

  • My name is Brian, and this is the SS.

Hi, everyone.


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