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  • you.

  • Come on, You can occupy my arms, baby, If the loans come on home how are you really going?

  • Great Simi Changing No, I can't.

  • So fickle When you come on zone you cannot buy it Come on home I got a sample speed on him.

  • A friend like you you make When does your plane touched down?

  • Because it gets when you come on home.

  • Thio, you can come on home.

  • Come on home toe opened You can occupy Come on home You come on home.

  • Just wait heart straight What you sing now?

  • Lift!

  • So wait Ways.

  • No you What is wrong?

  • So I went walking.

  • You go.

  • I want you Just let me go sake!



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"Home to Oakland "と "Walk Away"|TED Institute ("Home to Oakland" and "Walk Away" | TED Institute)

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