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  • look upon my work, doctor, casting the master.

  • I mean, it's always incredibly challenging when you start on that journey because you know you're in the footsteps of Amazing.

  • Why did you not telling me?

  • Crooked smile Way knew we had to have an actor off that level.

  • Sasha just came along and nailed it.

  • We had some fun there, didn't we?

  • Hi.

  • Think about his portrayal of the master.

  • Is that the actor?

  • It's actually disappears completely.

  • I don't see session devilish gleam on the theme.

  • Sasha just embodies all that in a beautiful way, even though he's a villain.

  • I never like to see him as a villain because he's so much more complex than that.

  • And I hope that what I brought to it for the season is, yeah, you will.

  • You'll hate it, but you also like him in a very crazy way.

  • Now I shall conquer everything he can inhabit.

  • That kind of sign that you can be incredibly kind, gentle warms you see when he's playing, and then he can let rip and you need to be able to let Rip was the most.

  • He's an extraordinary actor.

  • He's an incredible cast member, He gives so much in every scene but continually surprises this time.

  • Yes, those challenges all the time.

  • When playing the master, you want him to be his kind of spontaneous and dangerous as possible.

  • And also like the doctor, the musters brain moves very fast, a lot faster than mine brain move.

  • So it's a challenge of me sometimes to keep up with it.

  • Is it hurting?

  • Dr.

  • I hope is hurting because it really hurt me.

  • And in terms of justice on screen chemistry between Jody's doctor and Sasha's, sort of, if you like almost mad scientist of the master is just electric.

  • It's a very playful environment with that kind of knife edge continual.

  • But because we're friends, there's a real trust of the history between us.

  • Trust me, it's the rage.

  • And pain in my heart is perfect master for Jody's doctor, and that's what's been really thrilling.

  • Working on this series is seeing how that has evolved and grown.

  • Andi.

look upon my work, doctor, casting the master.


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マスターになるために|ドクター・フー|BBCアメリカ (Becoming the Master | Doctor Who | BBC America)

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