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  • You mean about the idiot who stands

  • to lose the most, can I really?

  • Yes.

  • I can't listen to future plans, but the things you've already

  • done and the people with whom you've

  • done them that I need to know.

  • Go ahead press on.

  • Privilege was clearly in place.

  • Once I tell you who he is Ira, we can't go back.

  • It's a real mind blower.

  • We should all brace ourselves for what's coming.

  • Yes.

  • Well do it, Dad, say the name.

  • Well I mean at this point it's gotta be clear, right?

  • The idiot in question is Bryan Connerty.

  • Yes, well, the rub of it is, if Connerty is listening right

  • now, it means he's crossed all legal and ethical bounds

  • and our little plan is about to bear fruit.

  • But you're not listening are you, Bryan?

  • Because you don't break the law.

  • But if he has headphones on right now,

  • it means he's gone completely over the line

  • and committed all manner of crimes that led to this.

  • And his arrest is moments away.

  • Which is why we dub the man the idiot.

  • Should have called him the fucking idiot.

  • Fuck.

  • You should probably say it again louder,

  • because yeah, you are fucked.



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バカは...第12話 公式クリップ|億ション|シーズン4 ('The Idiot Is...' Ep. 12 Official Clip | Billions | Season 4)

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