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  • exactly as I suspected.

  • So we've got disc extrusion in the middle of the back.

  • Okay, we can see here where the disk is coming out there with a pile of crowd here pushing the card over to this side in some exceptional circumstances.

  • When the disc really comes out and hits it like a punch to the head we could get was called Milo Malaysia, where the spinal cord deteriorates anyway, regardless of what we do on, then the patient just goes downhill, becomes paralyzed completely and can't even feel the back legs.

  • That's hopeless.

  • Prognosis.

  • Okay, Surgery offers Olive the best chance of being able to walk again.

  • I will get this stuff out.

  • What I can control is what happens to the spinal cord.

  • After that, he's said about the risks I get that I'm hoping that she's not that my new percentage, but it could happen on.

  • I have to be ready for that.

  • Laura has decided to leave olive toe, have her operation tonight, going definitely not working either back leg.

  • Yet.

  • Olive is making slow progress since she had spinal surgery 10 days ago.

  • She's just about able to pull herself up on the legs.

  • Now with the big thing is her bladder on.

  • Duh.

  • She hasn't really been wanting to pee.

  • And I think part of that is behavioral.

  • She doesn't like the wind in the rain for you, Mrs Know you don't like the wind in the rain.

  • Just like to be cuddled inside.

  • Yeah.

  • No.

  • Thinks Olive will recover faster with Laura at home.

  • I'm here to have a crash course in physio.

  • I don't know whether you're an extraction.

  • Comes into it.

  • I'm up for it.

  • And I brought my gloves, and I'm just here to get more go.

  • Here we go.

  • Who's here?

  • Oh, my goodness.

  • Don't stress yourself out.

  • That's just no way.

  • If you just problem here, the whole purpose off the physio is to get her feet to talk to her brain.

  • Okay?

  • It's just pressing the tours to spread them like so it's all about stimulating the feet with her bladder.

  • I think she'll be anyway, when she gets home because she's raring to go.

  • Good girl at school in Kent.

  • Laura has a partner back.

  • So in the practice, obviously she was looked after beautifully, but it wasn't home.

  • She hadn't actually, I'm united on our own or had a bowel movement on her own, and we weren't sure that everything was working properly.

  • Getting home really helped her mental states, and it really helped in her physical recovery as well for her home on the next morning, we went out on within 10 minutes.

  • She'd done her first week on shortly after that.

  • So that was fantastic.

  • Very mind.

  • We thought she wasn't gonna be able to walk again.

  • And now Olive is ready to return to work.

  • Lovely.

  • Coming down all the Children, Everybody was just so pleased to see her.

  • We never was lovely Children, but they've bean very understanding off what she's gone through.

  • They really appreciate her and their bombs got even.

  • Better.

  • Way had to be more gentle with Olive because her backs obviously still a bit fragile.

  • But every day she's getting a bit better.

  • Her lively self is coming out.

  • Olive has done so much better than I ever thought she would do.

exactly as I suspected.


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