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  • Ben Hunt-Davis always wanted to achieve greatness.

  • But up until 2000, even with all that he had accomplished, he still could not be considered

  • great.

  • Something was severely impeding him from attaining his life-long dream, and until he figured

  • out a way to minimize that hurdle, or maximize everything else around it, he would remain

  • dissatisfied.

  • According to Ben, “An Olympic gold medal is a crazy thing

  • to want, and a crazy thing to work towards.

  • The oddseven if you are a world-class athleteare stacked against you.

  • I discovered that the only way to reach our crazy goal was with concrete, everyday habits.”

  • Ben was a member of the British men's rowing team, a team that had not won an Olympic Gold

  • medal since 1912.

  • In preparation for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, Ben wanted to change

  • that.

  • Ben's transformation began with the everyday habits he outlined.

  • Through constant adherence to a very specific task and an overarching belief in a very specific

  • goal, the rowers commenced training for Sydney.

  • But it was not an inspirational quote, a sappy movie, or a benevolent cause that drove their

  • motivation.

  • Rather, it was a very intentionally designed question that affected every single decision

  • they made that would be the primary indicator for the team's success.

  • Will this make the boat go faster?”

  • When deciding whether or not to go to that 5 am workout: Will this make the boat go faster?

  • When choosing French fries or baked potato: Will this make the boat go faster?

  • When picking out what clothing to wear during training: Will this make the boat go faster?

  • For months leading up to the Olympic Games, each and every choice these gentlemen had

  • to make was followed up by the question, “will this make the boat go faster?”

  • The result for the team was Olympic Gold.

  • The result for Ben was greatness.

  • When working toward achieving something beyond your wildest imagination, discipline is of

  • utmost importance.

  • There must be a sense of structure, there must be a sense of focus, there must be a

  • sense of intentionality that allows you to grow and ultimately become the person who

  • is capable of accomplishing such an extraordinary feat.

  • The best way to create this unwavering sense of discipline is to incessantly ask yourself,

  • will this make the boat go faster?”

  • If the answer is no, then you know it's not the right choice.

  • But, if the answer is yes, then break out that paddle and start rowing.

Ben Hunt-Davis always wanted to achieve greatness.


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