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  • Hello again!

  • The last time I was here on Crash Course we spent a year working our way through the wonders of physics.

  • I'm excited to be back again to talk about something even dearer to my heart: engineering.

  • Why am I excited? Because I'm an engineer!

  • But what exactly is engineering?

  • A lot of things, actually.

  • For now, we'll just say that the history of engineering encompasses

  • the creation of everything from the physical objects around you to the processes allowing you to watch this video right now.

  • That's like, really broad, I know.

  • Don't worrywe'll talk about what that means in a little more detail in our first episode.

  • There are actually multiple fields of engineering and we're going to spend some time with each of them.

  • We'll explain the difference between and the history of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering.

  • And those four disciplines still don't account for all of engineering.

  • But over the next year we're going to try to get to the heart of what all of that means.

  • We'll look at how engineers see problems in the world and then try to solve them.

  • That problem-solving mindset has helped engineers create everything from spaceships to coffee cups, wireless earbuds to dog whistles, artificial hearts to roads and bridges.

  • Before we do that, though, allow me to reintroduce myself.

  • I'm Dr. Shini Somara, and I started my science career studying maths and physics at college.

  • I then went on to study Mechanical engineering.

  • And out of everything I learned during my first degree, what fascinated me the most was fluid dynamics, and understanding how gases and liquids flow.

  • So I researched this topic at depth for 4.5 years, earning myself a Doctorate of Engineering in the process.

  • Since then I've worked as a science communicator for the BBC, Al Jazeera and even right here on Crash Course.

  • I'm excited to be back to talk about something that has meant the world to me.

  • Over the next 46 episodes, we're gonna get a feel for how engineering and engineers have shaped our world.

  • I hope you'll join meand our friends at PBS Digital Studioson this journey with Crash Course: Engineering.

Hello again!


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クラッシュコースエンジニアリングプレビュー (Crash Course Engineering Preview)

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