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  • a mouse on a cat on a dog and chocolate Sprinkles.

  • It's Episode 29 of Trick People into thinking you have a six pack or throw your crumbled up bad ideas into the blinds to make a skull, then swim with an eight and spot the difference.

  • There's no need to panic.

  • It's under control completely.

  • These pepperoni is our hearts, and so is the pizza.

  • And these guys don't mind heights.

  • Of course, neither does this guy go.

  • Don't mind me.

  • I'm just walking my squirrel like a box.

  • Here.

  • Have a snack.

  • Hipster dog and soybean photographer Tom Pryor's dog hates dinosaurs and doesn't trust tubes with eyes on them, either.

  • But I guess that's life in 2011 chest hair.

  • Take a trip to exotic Oh, boy.

  • Look, use the pause button.

  • Reed College Rumors Investigation of April O'Neil.

  • But here, Snoop Dog, huh?

  • Nice Annie dot com collected the most useful tattoos Rulers pie, and I charge you can read with glasses.

  • Oh, and also connect the dots nice.

  • And now fashion my girlfriend and absolute brilliance.

  • Oh, look, Michael, keep it down.

  • I'm brooding.

  • Okay, sorry, but still pretty cool, huh?

  • Guess what, though.

  • I'm not done scrambling your brain yet.

  • This guy is levitating it.

  • Except actually, that's just a stain on cement.

  • Here's a dance class, of course, the dancers air kind of dirty.

  • And what's scary about this scene will try upping the brightness to reveal what the fun time stealing clothes.

  • But then again, just set down your rice Chex, we Czechs and Corn Chex and realize they line up.

  • Let's montage it up with Justin Bieber pillows.

  • I mean, people arrested during haircuts.

  • I mean, pictures of kids recreated years later when they're adults, done very, very well and now swing to choose little figuring people boarding UFO's killing, big game skateboarding, boating and jamming to music.

  • In Episode 27 I asked you guys to recommend celebrity mix and match body parts for me to photo shopped for you.

  • I see.

  • Say you asked for Barack Obama's head on Beyonce's body wearing Mr T bling dress like Duke Nukem and Robert Neill, TV suggested Justin Bieber's hair and Hathaway's body, Charlie Sheen's Face and Scooby Doo's tail.

a mouse on a cat on a dog and chocolate Sprinkles.


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