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  • the streets were thick with panic and chaos around midnight.

  • Anti terror police were preparing to storm Bataclan.

  • Yeah, we just ran.

  • Everyone was just running.

  • 130 dead.

  • Francois left, reeling from the worst attack on its soil since World War two.

  • Lola Saleen, just 28.

  • Was that the Eagles of Death Metal concert with her friends?

  • A kind so with a great sense of humor, says her father.

  • He last saw her that afternoon.

  • Sami Amimour, the same age as Lola, was one of the gunman who ended so many lives that night.

  • Perhaps hers.

  • We'll never know.

  • In the years since, in a huge leap of faith, their fathers, George and as Dean have come together and written a book they hope will help prevent such atrocities.

  • Mr.

  • As Dean is speaking out about his ordeal but doesn't want to be physically identified.

  • His son was responsible for your loss.

  • How have you come together?

  • At first, you must have hated his family on Dhe, his son, hate or anger never were in front off my feelings.

  • Even very soon after the November 30 what dominated my my thought, a time where sadness and a sense of the absurdity off.

  • It'll why my daughter was killed for, I don't know, for geo political considerations or really juice, uh, reasons that were totally foreign to her.

  • She had nothing to do with all that Hong Kong trip was either parley a victory.

  • But component is a common digit.

  • Phone trees world, too, to say more large.

  • These junkies off the Newport don't say is the doctor don't rule each with their own concrete.

  • Hope was the year the parley a victory be explicated Ramona Point for military.

  • Horace.

  • When I met a scene, one of the first things they did was show me pictures off his son a Samia as the 12 year old boy, and is very cute little boy.

  • One has to wonder or what happened as Dean, Do you understand why your boy did what he did?

  • No, I can't understand.

  • It's very difficult to answer, but scoop is good.

  • More Gee, you know, false Really?

  • Because you know, force with the canoe.

  • A poverty stricken Eula Mae plea.

  • Can you lea media So communal houses, um, Oscar cities through Rocky pass off.

  • Whole says Concepcion Algeri.

  • Well, is there also this could be the cracked A two.

  • So you see the move?

  • Oh, gee.

  • Oh, no, no.

  • I'm is a foe.

  • La Mano falls ap appear.

  • Is it a been educated uncle?

  • A pervert is only a dream or Paco so far, Mr Gill, can Georgie Georgina hurry?

  • They only show no May we pass Key?

  • Jeez, Asian.

  • You know the school just called Memoir of a key part in Serie secretary Thesis is coy about his profile is not unique.

  • Sami told his father that the age of 18.

  • 30 he was not happy in his case, he found he found religion.

  • Unfortunately for Sami Amimour, you went all the way.

  • Could you say something about what it was like to go to Syria?

  • To try to get him out?

  • T contact the judge Really say Don't rest until this positive can draw on the appropriations It off only to Jimmy served?

  • No.

  • First the road rivet.

  • Dont expect son of a new dawn Corrosion supersensitive more so called spouses.

  • They kill Conchita Opponents of the year dunkers de seeded the G D balls and a popular young to write a book together.

  • It's really going out there off course I knew that some people would hate me For what I for what I've done, I received my share of hate mail.

  • But I don't care, really, Those people.

  • I will not convince them.

  • They will not convince me.

  • So this is the way it is.

  • Uh, most of the messages I get are very supportive.

  • Your daughter Lola now would have bean aged 32 something like that.

  • Um, she would probably appreciate what you have done.

  • I'm rather confident that my my daughter would would have appreciated what I'm doing.

  • Yes.

  • And you?

  • I think it is.

  • Semi Fuqua, as Dean and George wrote letters to each other's Children, letters full of questions and full of apologies.

  • Lola share Lula to grieving fathers left just with words.

the streets were thick with panic and chaos around midnight.


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バタクラン:テロリストと被害者の父親の意外な絆 (Bataclan: the surprising bond between fathers of terrorist and victim)

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