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  • Good morning, John.

  • A couple of days ago, President Trump shared Ah, former map of Dorian.

  • The Hurricanes projected path first, hats off to the people at the end of us who do hurricane projections because the three day forecast, which is the most important for evacuations, has been spot on for this entire hurricane.

  • And that has saved alive second, this Sharpie mark.

  • The president also said a few days ago that Alabama was like in the crosshairs of Dorian, and this is something that would be a totally normal flub like people.

  • Sometimes when they're talking, say the wrong thing, then probably President Trump, maybe somebody else drew little Sharpie line on the map toe like include a little slice of Alabama.

  • And then it was like a front page story in a lot of places.

  • Sharpie Gate trended on Twitter and people were suggesting maybe Donald Trump should be prosecuted for sharing false weather data.

  • That last one no, wasn't a predictive map.

  • It wasn't shared is a predictive map.

  • It was saying, Here's what we thought might have happened and we got lucky and that thing didn't happen.

  • But it is also very clearly weird.

  • Think that newsworthy and important are synonymous.

  • They're not.

  • It's important that the Golden Gate Bridge didn't fall down today, but it is not newsworthy because it's normal.

  • The first condition to whether something is newsworthy is whether it's abnormal.

  • Is Sharpie Gate important?

  • Maybe, as like an illustration of the degradation of the shared foundation of truth and the most ham fisted way imaginable.

  • Mostly from what I saw, it was used as like a window into the inner workings of the president's mind, and that's always gonna be guessing.

  • Like we know that's all guessing.

  • But here's the thing.

  • I know it's easy to say that President Trump is bad at everything but one thing.

  • He really gets his attention, and I think that pretty much everybody, like even his supporters, get that he prefers the spectacle of this whole thing Maur than the process of actually governing.

  • And so, like two or three times a week, we have some fresh spectacle that he is responsible for, like it's at this point pretty clearly, not a bug.

  • It's a feature.

  • This isn't to say that it's good for him, like personally or for his reelection chances.

  • There's like 30 York for him and patty rappers in this trash attesting to the fact that just because you like something doesn't mean it's good for you.

  • Also not to say that spectacles are unimportant, part of the process of governing is actually getting stuff done.

  • Part is creating a shared story that people can believe it.

  • It's fighting for a particular store, and theatrics are a good way to tell a story.

  • And people at the center of attention are the ones who are most able to shape a narrative.

  • And to some people, these weird theatrics are are exciting.

  • Somebody draws a line on a map, and suddenly everybody's exploding.

  • It fits into this narrative of like the press and liberals being ultra critical of Donald Trump.

  • By being abnormal, Trump gets to always be in the spotlight, and because he's in the spotlight, he gets to craft the narrative like he's the producer of a reality TV show.

  • With Wild Thing to Me is the only story he seems to want to tell.

  • With this great power he has is one about himself, one where he's the ultimate and only savior, one where everyone has to be loyal to him or else one where he's always right, even when, like it's clear he made a mistake.

  • Ultimately, I think this is why we're so exhausted.

  • Not just because, like, we remember a time back before we had to be paying attention to this.

  • And there was some fresh new spectacle coming out of the Oval Office every two freaking days, because the spectacle is ultimately always about the same thing.

  • It's pompous and it's selfish, It's egotistical, and it's monkey has a tremendous skill for controlling and crafting narrative.

  • But instead of using that for any kind of shared vision, it's always on Lee about himself.

  • And that's exhausting, not because it's always in your face, but because of how dangerous it actually is.

  • I don't know the way through here.

  • I'm just describing a situation.

  • If we don't treat abnormal things like their news, then they just become normal.

  • But when the strategy becomes be abnormal for the sake of attention, the only thing you can do is realize it and then, like voted out every time.

Good morning, John.


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