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  • Usually I prepare a video on Pi Day this year I did not.

  • So I'm gonna send you this singing pie, Graham, just to show you I care because I know a lot of you are out there partying hard on this pi day.

  • Uh, so this is how I remember the digits of pi convert the numbers into notes the way musicians often do, where they go like 123456789 Um, and the twist to make it not Salinger's like random notes, which people have been in different ways.

  • Michael Blake did it by layering pie on top of itself into a delicious stack of pie cannon.

  • I like no Milky version also which it does when the data pie every four knows people have done different things.

  • I do it by adding rhythm.

  • So all the notes or notes, a pie and the length of them is whatever I choose and chance.

  • So here's how it goes.

  • 567831515926535979323846 26433327902 a four with 971693993751 05 days.

  • Two, 23016 62 862 Oh, me, too.

  • Hey, Joe!

  • 34 82534211 Happy Friday.

Usually I prepare a video on Pi Day this year I did not.


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歌うパイグラム (Singing Pi-Gram)

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